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  AM and PM Walking with Debbie Rocker (DVD)
AM and PM Walking with Debbie Rocker (DVD)

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AM and PM Walking with Debbie Rocker DVD

Morning and Evening Walking for Weight Loss.Kick-start your metabolism in the morning then keep it burning into the evening! A.M. and P.M. Walking is a walking workout system that gives you the flexibility to slim down and get fit your way.This unique comprehensive program includes two full-length walking workouts on DVD and an inspiring guided audio CD workout - so you can workout indoors or out.The A.M. Walking workout is an invigorating effective workout that helps you wake your muscles metabolism and mind. It s a calorie-burning regimen that will give you a healthy start to every day. The P.M. Walking workout is designed to continue the calorie-burn but at a relaxed pace so you can unwind and end your day with a healthy peaceful state of mind.

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OK, so she talks non-stop September 17, 2009
Reviewer: Sadie Lady  
I'm 58 and though a lot overweight, I've exercised off and on my whole life so not that physically unfit. I bought this DVD to try to get back into shape, again, and lose weight, again. I'm a serial exercise quitter--I get bored with one thing and move on to the next. Until you get used to it, it seems she's cuing way too soon. And yes, she doesn't count you down to the next move (except once). I keep the audio on low enough so I can hear Rocker but not too much of the music and just glance every so often at the screen to help me keep in time. I am rating this DVD 4 stars, because I actually LIKE that Rocker talks non-stop. What she's saying is some really positive stuff, about thinking of yourself as an athlete in training, and going into your day with self-respect and a can-do attitude. The workout is just enough to help get my metabolism moving. A great bonus: I sleep really well after I do the P.M. stint.

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One Step Away From Sleep or Yoga August 1, 2009
Reviewer: Shuggy Pie  
I'm new to walking for exercise, and thought this would be perfect, not intimidating. Well, the a.m walking is supposed to wake you up, and get you going, it was a level away from putting me to sleep! I never did get my heart rate up. The moves and the music were boring. She hardly ever gave a "count", so it was difficult to follow at times. The only great thing about this DVD is the scenery. If you're into yoga, you may like this DVD, otherwise look for something else.

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Not for me September 29, 2008
Reviewer: LH "Just Ducky!"  
This DVD was just too repetitive, marching, marching, marching. Mind you, I've done countless walking workouts using Leslie Sansone and Madeleine Lewis's workouts, both of which are varied, challenging, and fun. This one was just boring. Too much marching, not enough other moves, and Debbie talks SO much. Wow. I mean, maybe she was nervous but she was talking, it seemed, just for the sake of talking.

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Great Way to Get Into Shape April 5, 2008
Reviewer: J. Ludloff "Jax"  
This video and audio cd set are enjoyable, make you sweat and get you into shape. It is the only way to start your day and a great way to end it. It is fun, obtainable and you see results. I have been following along with the dvd 5 days a wk. I have lost 18 lbs. and many inches in my waist, toned my arms and toned my legs. My energy level is up, my outlook on life is much happier and my kids, friends and husband notice how I look and act. Thank you Debbie for making this incredible life changing dvd set. Only 10 more lbs. to go. Its a new me! Everyone, my kids, my friends and my 75 year old mother have become hooked on the dvd.

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Great walking video March 25, 2008
Reviewer: Melissa  
This is a really great exercise video. You get two solid workouts that are easy to follow, work the entire body, and leave you with that "I just did something realy good for myself today" feeling. I only wish it was a little longer. I like to aim for 45 minutes. These two run for about 30 each (including warm-up, work-out, and cooldown/stretching). If you are pressed for time these are for you. Great for beginners too.

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