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  Beaded Jump Rope - 9 Foot
Beaded Jump rope

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Beaded Jump rope

Get in shape with one of the most efficient methods of cardio training -- jumping rope. This Harbinger Beaded Rope features dual-injection molded triangular handles that fit firmly in the palms of your hand and offer maximum comfort and control. High-density molded beads formed around the rope provide even weight distribution, consistent swing motion, and greater durability.

  • High density, injection-molded beads wrap around the jump rope for consistent weight distribution.

  • Barrel-shaped beads have been engineered to minimize the friction between the beads and the floor when jumping, which extends the life of the rope.

  • Very Sturdy, doesn't get twisted up due to beads
  • 9ft. length.

  • Color may vary


Customer Rating: 4.5 of 5 Total Reviews: 13 Write a review

good solid jump rope June 30, 2013
Reviewer: Ethan Kinser  
I bought two ropes at the same time. I use them both. The other one is the classic leather boxers jump rope. The beaded rope is nice. It's has a little bit of heft to it and spins nicely. It works your arms a little bit and does not easily snag and stop if you brush a shoe with it. I use the leather rope for a faster spin, but it stops if it gets anywhere near a shoe. The beaded rope is probably my favorite though. It looks good and it feels good when I'm using it. If you're looking for a solid rope with a little substance to it, this is a good one.

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Top Quality June 8, 2013
Reviewer: Daniel Root  
This is an excellent jump rope. The beads are shaped a little differently and provide very uniform weight distribution. For a beaded rope, you can go really fast. Another nice feature is that the nylon string is stretchy, which makes it easier to adjust than a non-stretch string. You can achieve just the right length which provides the best weight distribution.

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comfortable and easy to use May 30, 2013
Reviewer: Tyler Sadalko  
If you are a beginner, buy this rope. It's not too common to find beaded jump ropes at gym so if you are going to buy one jump rope, buy this one.

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good for the noobie May 27, 2013
Reviewer: Kay Kauffman  
This jump rope won't tangle, is a little heavy, and makes a crisp sound when it hits the floor. Basically, this is perfect for new people who jump rope because you can definitely get the rythme down. Plus, the beads protect the rope from being torn apart by rough surfaces. (i.e. concrete) Don't expect to be doing any fast roping or tricks though.

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Beaded Jump Rope May 26, 2013
Reviewer: Dakota Clark  
I am happy with my purchase of this beaded jump rope. It is heavy enough to do cross-overs and it never gets twisted. It is made well. I know it will hold up for a long time.

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