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Dance for Kids

Kids of all ages enjoy dance games, whether they're young children or teenagers. No matter your child's preference, there is a song that they will be excited to move to, and anybody can get up and dance with the dancers on the screen. Wii dance games incorporate modern hits as well as beloved classics, and certain dance games will feature popular TV characters from Disney and Nickelodeon, such as Disney princesses and Dora. Like so many other Wii games, dance games are built for multiple players, so up to 4 friends or family members can play together.

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Bring the party to your house

The Wii console and Wii dance games can immediately make any house the place to be, with popular music and fun moves that kids are sure to love. They can interact and socialize with their friends while being off the couch and moving. Dance games are a great way to bring the party to your house, so you can stay active in your kids' lives and meet their friends.

Dance games can be played by up to 4 players at one time, and many more can follow along with the moves, which is perfect for birthday parties and school groups.

Keep them active

Kids will get off the couch and move when their favorite song comes on. Dance games are interactive, so kids stay focused and engaged on the music and actually become part of the dance experience. Games with active features like dance promote activity, so kids will build healthy habits while they have fun playing their game.

Great for parties and groups

Each Wii console can have up to 4 Wii Remote controllers working at once, but dance games can allow for more players to get involved. For large groups, birthday parties, family events or school classes, kids can follow along with the on-screen movements without a controller, so many kids can play together.

How do I get started?

All that is needed to get started with a dance game is a Wii console with a Wii Remote and any dance game. That's it! If you'd like to have some of your friends or family play with you, simply add a few more Wii Remote controllers for multiplayer dancing.