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  Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree - Wii
Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree - Wii

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No. of Players:       up to 4 players

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Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree - Wii

Wii Degree, the all-new Wii super-sequel to the DS brain-training

Welcome to Big Brain Academy, the only school where you can school
your friends and family! How big is your brain? Find out as you
test yourself with numerous lightning-fast activities across
several categories.
When you enroll, headmaster Professor Lobe will introduce you to
Test mode, challenging you with a bevy of hilarous and exciting
brain-teasers. Then, when it's all over, the professor will
calculate your brain weight, award you with a grade, and give you
an idea of what career track is best suited for your brain weight.
Don't worry, it's all in the spirit of fun!
While Big Brain Academy will keep your neurons dancing in Practice
and Test mode, multiplayer and co-op modes bring challenges like
only the Wii can deliver.
Big Brain Academy Wii Degree, the ultimate game for your next party
or family get-together.
* The Wii Remote's easy hands-on control makes playing the game a breeze.
* People of any age or education level can play together!
* Show off your smarts in multiplayer versus and co-op play modes like Mind
Sprint, Mental Marathon, and Brain Quiz.
* The better you get at an activity, the harder it becomes!
* Send your grades to friends with the Wii's Internet connection feature,

Customer Rating: 4 of 5 Total Reviews: 12 Write a review

Great game, too much chatter November 16, 2013
Reviewer: D. Baer  
This game is probably the most fun Wii game we have played aside from Wii Sports. Everyone in the family has a good time with it, from our 4-year old to the parents. A couple of complaints would be that it does not appear possible to have one of the kids compete against the adults, but choose Easy level tasks for the kids and Hard/Expert tasks for the adults -- that would make the competitions much more balanced.

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It is awesome game November 16, 2013
Reviewer: Rema Kunder  
My 6 year olds just love this game. Plus I love it cause it is fun playing this game with them. It is excellent for all ages. It is gives kids a lot of incentives to do well as they give medals in practice session. The kids seem to pick games they are not so good at to practice.

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Good Family activity November 16, 2013
Reviewer: Shastastan  
Really great family game

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Fun for all! November 16, 2013
Reviewer: dOoGie  
I'm a 'puzzle-and-game' freak so this was a must-have for me. I had a ton of fun but wish there were more games to do. All-in-all, a thumbs-up!

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Good Clean Family Fun November 16, 2013
Reviewer: Lori Smart  
This game is loads of fun for the whole family. Even small kids can play most of the games, and the thinking skills should be part of every school curriculum. So many of the games for Wii are physically intense that we find we'll go back to Big Brain Academy to relax a little. However, we find that the thinking levels are intense in a different way and a different kind of workout entirely!

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