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  Biggest Loser - Wii (Weight Loss with Cardio, Yoga, Cookbook +)
Biggest Loser - Wii  (Weight Loss with Cardio, Yoga, Cookbook +)


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Biggest Loser - Wii

Based on the hit NBC TV show, and featuring the expertise of personal trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michael, THQ’s The Biggest Loser releases are more than just exercise games, they are complete personalized health and fitness programs. Now you can become "The Biggest Loser" in the comforts of your own home. Shape and tone your body, either by yourself or with a friend, with this interactive fitness video game for the Wii. Choose a 4, 8 or 12 week program and The Biggest Loser fitness game will build a workout and nutrition plan for you so you can reach your fitness goals. You can take advantage of the expert advice and unique motivational styles of the amazing trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels to help guide you along with the way.Over 88 exercises, including upper and lower body, core, cardio and yoga. Supports 2 players. Compatible with Wii Fit Balance Board - use for squats, lunges and more. (Not Required). No additional accessories required to play.

Put Wii to Work for Your Health
We know what you’re thinking – "The Wii?? Isn’t that for kids and gamers?" Not anymore. The Biggest Loser is an interactive fitness program that emulates the competitive and training elements of the hit NBC show. Just like the show, your goal is to accomplish weight loss milestones through weekly training and exercise challenges. If you succeed in obtaining your weight loss goal, you’ll become the "Biggest Loser". Lose weight, win challenges and stay above the yellow line.

Sign on to Your Virtual Gym
Getting started reaching your fitness goals with The Biggest Loser is as easy as grabbing your Wii Remote. If you got the Wii Balance Board, bring that along too. These will be your tools of the trade. There's no need to worry about strapping on awkward devices or using complicated exercise equipment, you’ll be up and sweating in minutes. So, how does it work? The game includes 4 tools to reach your goal:

  • Fitness Program - This is where you establish your goals, make a plan and compete for the title of The Biggest Loser. Pick a 4, 8 or 12 week program and start sweating.
  • Health and Lifestyle Tool - In this component you’ll find encouragement and tips from former Biggest Loser contestants and trainers, and some of the best recipes from the Biggest Loser cookbooks (over 50 included).
  • Exercise Routines - This section allows you to select from a collection of routines that match your skill level and let you focus on every part of your body. Through it you can also create your own routine that fits your schedule and focuses on your favorite exercises.
  • Challenge Events - In Challenges you’ll take the exercises you’ve learned and put them to the test in a series of fun but competitive events against some of the former contestants that you’ve seen on The Biggest Loser show. In Single Exercises, you can find your weakest exercise and conquer it or refine your technique to get the most out of your time.

Multiplayer Support
Dedicated to helping users attain their weight loss goals by all means necessary, The Biggest Loser allows for the power moral support and companionship of having a friend at your side. To that end two players can train together, pushing each other when they need to and providing healthy competition as they engage in weekly challenges to see who really is The Biggest Loser.

Wii Balance Board Integration
Although the Wii Balance Board is an optional accessory, The Biggest Loser offers numerous interactive features which fully employ the innovative, sensor-driven hardware that only Wii currently offers. Use the Wii Balance Board in over 66 of the Biggest Loser's 88 exercises, including squats, lunges and knee lifts to name a few. As you mirror your trainer’s movements Wii will monitor your movements to help you become more efficient at each exercise. Whether its cardio, upper and lower body workouts or even yoga, you’ll learn proper form and technique in no time. Wii technology, combined with The Biggest Loser comprehensive workout and diet programs, will help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle and to feeling great about yourself. And you may even have fun along the way too.

Key Game Features

  • Join The Biggest Loser Challenge - Select from a 4, 8 or 12 week program and compete with contestants from the prior seasons of The Biggest Loser.
  • Personalize your Program - Choose your challenge length and difficulty level, your personal goal, your trainer, customize routines and even pick your team color.
  • Health & Lifestyle Tips and Information - Includes healthy recipes from The Biggest Loser Cookbook, a calorie counter and healthy tips and suggestions from Bob and Jillian, chefs and contestants.
  • Train with a Friend - Two players can train together and compete in weekly challenges to see who really is The Biggest Loser.
  • A Complete Workout - Over 88 exercises, including upper and lower body, core, cardio and yoga.
  • Wii Balance Board Compatible - Use the Wii Balance Board for squats, knee lifts, lunges and much, much, more.

  • Game is compatible with the Wii Fit Balance Board, but it is not required. The first time you play it the game asks you if you have a balance board or not and customizes the game based on that answer. If you get a balance board later on, you can change that setting.

    Purchase with the new Jillian Michaels 2010 game for the Wii!

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Customer Rating: 4 of 5 Total Reviews: 21 Write a review

No reason not to get in shape November 28, 2013
Reviewer: Doris Lance from Ridgecreast, CA United States  
The Biggest Loser Wii has three levels so everyone can find the level that fits their needs to get fit.  Easy to understand instructions from the trainers were a plus.  The set-up however was a bit unclear.

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excellent game which keep you moving September 30, 2013
Reviewer: D. Barrett  
I love the Biggest Loser television show so I was eager to purchase this game. I also have Wii Fit and EA Active and love each game for different reasons. This game is great and I was definately out of breath and sweating after completing the full body workout. My only complaint is that after working so hard my balance board and/or remote do not register all of the moves I have completed. I know that I have completed the exercises because my heart is pumping, however, it does become frustrating when Wii is not picking up your ENORMOUS effort. Also the calorie counter is way off so basically just ignore will see for yourself if you purchase this game. Overall, great workout.

Was this review helpful?

Challenging but fun... July 25, 2013
Reviewer: N. Mungar  
I just received my game today and decided to give it a go. I had to take a quick break to answer the phone... no pause feature but pressing the house button works just as well. The trainer is pretty motivational. It was a fun workout. The weekly challenge was hard. I made it to round three before I just couldn't take anymore. I used the male trainer because I bought the Jillian Michaels fitness ultimatum game and she is tough. lol

I also love that it shows your progress on the bottom of the screen and how many calories are burnt, auto scores you and shows a timer to when each set is finished. That's pretty cool.

Overall, this seems to be a good game and I would recommend it. :)

Was this review helpful?

Worth it! June 30, 2013
Reviewer: K. Zima "2k mom"  
I just bought this today and am really impressed with the graphics and organization. The workout was pretty decent at the Intermediate level (I am a gym goer but am looking for something when my husband travels and I can't get there). General excercises, but really good use of the balance board.

I tried it without putting on workout clothes, expecting something more like the Wii Fit, and was DYING within the first 15 minutes. Had to use the water break to change!

Was this review helpful?

Expected more May 1, 2013
Reviewer: K. Brown  
I love the Biggest Loser show and thought that the exercises in this program would be great. They are not. Unless I'm just not getting it, I don't seem to actually be on a program. I thought that each day on the "program" I'd get a different set of exercises. I also don't get how the calories burned are calculated. After a moderate workout, it might say that I burned about 18 cal. Huh? I do, however, like the recipes but I think, for now, I'll stick with Wii Active.

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