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  Discover Tai Chi for Back Care Gentle Workout - Scott Cole DVD
Discover Tai Chi for Back Care Gentle Workout - Scott Cole DVD

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Discover Tai Chi for Back Care - Scott Cole DVD

Breathe, move, balance, relax, energize, and let go of back tension and pain with Scott Cole and Discover Tai Chi for Back Care. Back stress, pain, and stiffness often result from inactivity, stagnant energy, poor circulation, and repetitive one-dimensional physical patterns. Move gently out of your rut with Scott Cole and the graceful healing art of Tai Chi as you breathe new life and Chi (energy) into your back and entire body, while improving overall strength, mobility, and flexibility. With frequent practice this easy-to-follow program will help relieve back pain, release frozen joints, and restore your energy to its natural free-flowing state, bathing our body, mind, and spirit in a series of back-healthy Chi Kung and Tai Chi-inspired movements, stretches, and postures. The Discover Tai Chi series is filmed in studio and on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, and is part of the Scott Cole Wellness Series.

Discover Tai Chi for Back Care DVD Review

by Jori Reijonen, Ph.D.
BellaOnline's Neuromuscular Diseases Editor

When neuromuscular disease caused difficulty with my feet, my physician recommended non-impact exercise such as Tai Chi as a healthy form of exercise. I also have significant back problems, including scoliosis and severe degenerative disc disease in my lower spine, and often experience lower back pain. After first trying a copy of Scott Cole: Discover Tai Chi for Back Care that I borrowed from my public library, I purchased this DVD for personal use.

I found Mr. Cole s instructions to easy to follow and simple to learn. After a brief introduction about the background of Tai Chi, Mr. Cole begins with demonstrating alignment. Mr. Cole then breaks down a number of basic Tai Chi and Chi Kung poses, and guides practice in each pose. The moves, including Bending Bear, Beautiful Woman Turns at Waist, Finding the Needle at the Bottom of the Sea, Brush Push, Basic Kicks, and Wave Hands like clouds, were then put together into a simple flowing routine. The routine was practiced first with instruction, and then without the instructions. Next, Mr. Cole guides the user through seated stretching.

Discover Tai Chi for Back Care runs for about 52 minutes with the introductory material. I found it easy to follow and very gentle on all of my joints, including my back. Tai Chi requires one to learn a different mindset regarding exercise. Over the past six months, I have improved my focus with exercises using slow, gentle, smooth, continuous movement through regular practice. After completing the practice, I felt both relaxed and energized, and my back was free of pain.

Research has supported the health benefits of Tai Chi. Benefits include improvements in balance, decreased risk of falls, improved cardiovascular health, increased strength and flexibility, better sleep, and reduced neck, back and joint pain. Tai Chi is one of the forms of moderate-intensity, low-resistance exercise recommended for people ALS by the Muscular Dystrophy Association as a beneficial for preserving function.

This DVD does require the ability to stand, walk, and balance to participate in most of the exercises. The last section, however, focuses on seated stretches: this section may be appropriate for a person who cannot stand but who has upper body mobility.

For those confined to a wheelchair, seated Tai Chi routines are available. Another option, Ai Chi, is performed in the water, which combines the benefits of aquatic therapy, such as increased buoyancy and less stress on the joints, with movements similar to Tai Chi. Make sure to discuss any new type of exercise with your physician before trying any new type of exercise, however.

Overall, I would highly recommend this video, Discover Tai Chi for Back Care for learning a Tai Chi practice that focuses on stretching and strengthening the back, improving balance, and gentle overall body exercise. --Bellaonline

A top wellness expert, lecturer and motivational speaker in over 30 countries, Scott is a former National Aerobic Champion, star of Abs of Steel, and is a pioneer of mind/body exercise. A regular on television (LIVE with Regis and Kelly, The View, The Early Show, CNN Headline News, The Food Network, HGTV, E!, Soap Talk), Scott has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal for the Discover Tai Chi DVD series, received the NAPPA Award for his Get Fit America for Kids DVD.

Believe, breathe, and most of all, ENJOY!!!---Scott Cole Scott Cole and his innovative work have been featured in over 500 publications worldwide (including The Wall Street Journal), on LIVE with Regis and Kelly, CNN Headline News, The View, The Doctors, E!, HGTV, The Food Network, and more. A pioneer of mind/body exercise, Scott has lectured in over 30 countries, increasing wellness literacy for people of all ages.

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Scott Cole: discover Tai Chi for Back Care February 3, 2014
Reviewer: Lois G. Worley  
Very easy to follow instructions. I have loved all of the Tai Chi DVD's by Scott Cole. He is an amazing instructor and Tai Chi has really helped lower my blood pressure and it is helping with my energy level as well. Love the workout

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Back to the future December 28, 2013
Reviewer: Gerald E. Rasmussen  
I have gotten my daughter and wife to join me in this workour, as they both have back problems, and they are very enthusiastic about it. Cole is a wonderful, welcoming, encouraging teacher. I am confident that their backs will be substantially healed by the future.

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Helps with back pain October 18, 2013
Reviewer: Nancy Brown  
These Tai Chi exercises are not difficult and has helped decrease my back pain. I would recommend this DVD to anyone who suffers with back pain.

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