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  Element - Yoga for Energy & Relaxation 2012 (DVD)
Element - Yoga for Energy & Relaxation (2012) (DVD)

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Element - Yoga for Energy & Relaxation 2012 (DVD)

Filmed in a beautiful garden overlooking the Pacific Ocean, these two yoga sessions are designed to give you a perfect balance of vitality and calm. The Energy program revitalizes and builds stamina with postures that are known to boost the nervous system, build strength and tone muscle. This invigorating sequence will reduce fatigue, improve productivity and leave you feeling focused and alert. The Relaxation program melts away tension in your muscles and your mind with a combination of soothing restorative asanas, deep relaxation techniques, flexibility enhancing postures and poses known to calm the natural fight or flight mechanism in the body. This peaceful sequence will help you gain flexibility, improve sleep and dissolve away stress leaving you with an overall feeling of wellness and contentment.

YOGA FOR ENERGY (32 minutes)

Dodge begins this practice standing, moving into a standing backbend. He then performs half sun salutes. Coming into downward dog, he moves through plank, dolphin, and forearm plank. This is followed by a series which includes down dog to three-legged down dog, crescent pose, twisted side angle, warrior 2, reverse warrior 2/reverse triangle, side angle, and repeat reverse warrior 2. Dodge holds each posture for several breaths, which is quite challenging; he then repeats the entire series on the second side. Sitting on the heels, he performs breath of fire (two rounds) and belly breathing. This is followed by a series of seated poses, including full seated forward bend, seated leg stretch, reverse plank, forward bend in butterfly, and crab (aka table). Finishing postures include a lying stomach twist and an approximately 2 minutes in relaxation pose before concluding in a seated position.


For this routine, Dodge begins seated to practice ujjayi breathing. Next comes a series of stretches, including shoulder/elbow rolls, a side neck stretch, a back neck stretch, and head shakes/rolls to finish. Dodge then comes to all fours for cat/cow and a modified child's pose. Sitting back into child's pose, he moves into rabbit and thread-the-needle with a bind. Dodge raises up into down dog with a calf stretch and then lowers down onto the belly for sphinx and crocodile poses. The next series of stretches moves from down dog to half (kneeling) pyramid, pigeon pose, and then concludes in down dog with breath retention. From seated, Dodge performs head-to-knee forward bend, butterfly, modified eagle (wrists and ankles crossed), and fire log pose. To conclude this practice, Dodge lies down on his back for half happy babies pose, revolved stomach twist, and about 3.5 minutes of yoga nidra, or relaxation; he again ends in a seated position.

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