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Exergaming Guide

Exergaming (ex•er•game•ing)

  1. Video games that are also a form of exercise, aimed at making exercise more fun.
  1. Playing an active video game that relies on moving your body to exercise and engaging with the game at the same time.

Exercise video games have become an increasingly visible product in the gaming market in recent years, combining the benefits of fitness and fun into an exercise regimen. Ongoing research highlights the many benefits of exergaming, including promoting a healthy lifestyle, weight loss, increased cognitive and mental health, and even academic success.

The Wii console is an effective tool for exergaming, with tens of millions of games sold to people all over the world. Video games that promote fitness and activity got their start in arcades across America in the 1990s - games like Dance Dance Revolution required players to keep the beat by stomping on floor panels in time with the music. Exercise games have come a long way since then – the motion control features in the Nintendo Wii allows anyone to enjoy the benefits of exergaming at an affordable price and in the comfort of their own homes.

Technology had driven people away from exercise, but exergaming uses technology to now facilitate exercise. Exergames create variety, allow people to try different activities, and can be played with others for a great social experience. They promote good health and healthy habits in children by combining gaming and exercise, keeping kids engaged and involved.

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