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  Get Moving: Walking for Weight Loss (DVD)
Get Moving: Walking for Weight Loss (DVD)

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Get Moving: Walking for Weight Loss DVD

Madeleine Lewis, a seasoned aerobics instructor and choreographer of countless cardio workout programs, fuses traditional aerobics with fitness walking techniques in Get Moving! Walking for Weight Loss. Sensitive to the knowledge that many women find it difficult to work a regular exercise regimen into their daily routines and thus avoid cardio altogether, Lewis demonstrates that three ten-minute workouts tone and sculpt the body as much as one thirty-minute workout (and offer the same physiological advantages); she uses this knowledge as the basis for the scheduling suggested in this program, which proposes four ten-minute workouts as the equivalent of one forty-minute regimen. Moreover, Lewis introduces viewers to three distinct ways of doing each workout, and works in a ten-minute cool-down routine. Editor's Note: Get Moving! Walking for Weight Loss has been recently repackaged and reissued by Gaiam, Inc. as Cardio Burn, as verified by the label. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi All Movie Guide

A cardio walking workout is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to speed metabolism and lose weight. But weather and busy schedules can make it hard to get outside or fit a cardio workout into your day. Get Moving! Walking for Weight Loss integrates fitness-walking movements with low-impact aerobics techniques, creating energizing 10-minute indoor workouts almost anyone can do anytime, anywhere. By eliminating common reasons for skipping workouts and increasing your strength and metabolism, Get Moving! Walking for Weight Loss helps you lose weight fast. Created and guided by award-winning certified fitness instructor Madeleine Lewis, this unique workout program shows you how to boost the fat- and calorie-burning power of fitness walking and fit it into your schedule. Each workout includes a two-minute strengthening segment to help you build and shape lean muscle, boost calorie-burning efficiency and keep your fitness routine balanced. Studies show that three 10-minute workouts deliver the same fitness and health benefits as a single 30 minute workout. With four 10-minute segments you can do together or separately ‹ plus a Custom Workout feature that makes it easy to build your own workouts ‹ this weight loss workout program fits perfectly into a busy life. And that means you¹ll stick with your plan, reach your goals and find it easier to maintain your healthiest weight for life. The Deluxe DVD Edition Includes: Three 10-minute walking workout segments ‹ each with 8 minutes of cardio and 2 minutes of strength conditioning.

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