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  GhostBusters - The Video Game - Wii
GhostBusters - The Video Game - Wii

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Price: $24.99
Sale: $19.98 4 Stars
Avg User Rating: 4 Stars
No. of Players:       up to 4 players

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GhostBusters - The Video Game - Wii

Buyers rate this a 4.6 out of 5 - tons of fun busting ghosts!

Ghostbusters: The Video Game, based on the smash hit motion picture franchise and featuring a completely new story, is coming to six game systems in 2009. Coinciding with the 25th anniversary celebration of the film’s original theatrical release, the game reunites original cast members to recapture the unique blend of humour and fright that established Ghostbusters as a pop culture sensation. Remember, don't cross the streams. It could end all life as we know it!

Who You Gonna Call?
The Ghostbusters are back in an all-new story penned by the original creators! With Manhattan newly overrun by ghosts and other supernatural creatures, it's up to you to take on the role of a new recruit joining the original film cast of the famous Ghostbusters team. Equipped with a variety of unique weapons and gadgets, you will hunt, fight and capture a wide range of uncanny phantasms and demons in an all-new funny and frightening battle to save New York City from its latest paranormal plague.

Key Game Features:
• Based on the classic Ghostbusters films and features the original cast
• Head out with unique weapons and gadgets
• Battle an incredible variety of supernatural foes
• Move through New York City and stop eerie enemies
• Become part of the famous paranormal ghostbusting team

Cast from the Original Films
Ghostbusters: The Video Game features the original film cast from the classic Ghostbusters films, including Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. Aykroyd and Ramis also return to write the script and storyline for the game. Enter an exciting gameplay environment that authentically recreates the whimsical time period of the film and expands the lore and supernatural events that seemingly plague New York City.

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+

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Customer Rating: 3 of 5 Total Reviews: 1 Write a review

Cute, but too easy September 17, 2013
Reviewer: Tera from Amherst, MA  
I played GB on Wii with another person, co-op all the way thru. Yea, the graphics are not as nice as the 360/PS3 versions, but the Wii is not without some charm and it's not all that bad. The game does really well in the plot aspect, moving things along at a good pace, and good voice acting. The variety of weapons and gear are also a nice touch, slime guns and stasis beams help give the game more robust gameplay.

The game falls short on a few points though, mainly, the game is too short and too easy. Death in GB causes you to become paralyzed, and as long as your partner is still upright, they can just walk over to you and very quickly revive you. The high points in the game are usually when there are lots of ghosts and monsters in the area, and things just feel chaotic. It's a fun kind of chaotic, but at the same time, it feels a little random. Good for kids I think.

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