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  Jimmie Johnson: Anything with an Engine (NASCAR Star Racing) - Wii
Jimmie Johnson: Anything with an Engine - Wii

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Jimmie Johnson: Anything with an Engine - Wii

Suitable for all ages from kids to seniors. Fun family game that everyone will enjoy! NASCAR star Jimmie Johnson has risen through the ranks and captured checkered flags, and now he's got his sights set on another type of racing. Instead of racing pristine vehicles at Daytona or Talladega, you'll find yourself behind the wheel of something more unique — a dumpster, a lawn mower or maybe even a shopping cart. Your vehicles can be modified too, with mines, missiles, side-rams and more. As long as it has an engine, you can race it.

Get behind the wheel of a one-of-a-kind vehicle and get ready to bring down the competition in Jimmie Johnson's Anything with an Engine. Race a dumpster, a lawn mower or even a shopping cart across 13 distinct tracks filled with traps and obstacles. Engage in heart-pounding elimination-style circuits, one-on-one duels or head-on challenges. Modify your vehicle with powerful pneumatic side-rams, front-firing missiles or rear-deploying mines to knock out the competition. Invite your friends to share in the excitement and play online with up to eight friends or in four-player split-screen mode.

Key Features:

  • Get behind the wheel of truly custom vehicles and get ready to race
  • Race in elimination-style circuits across one-of-kind tracks filled with tricky obstacles and traps
  • Win cups in Career Mode to unlock wild vehicles built in Jimmie's workshop from unusual items, including shopping carts, recliners and cement mixers
  • Knock out the competition by any means necessary using each vehicle's unique set of weapons, like pneumatic side-rams, front-firing missiles, rear-deploying mines and more
  • Assume a variety of outlandish personas, such as Hazzard Mower who rides a souped-up lawnmower, or Megaton, a former military officer whose method of transportation is a high-speed bomb
  • Choose from six different exciting game modes, such as the vicious one-on-one Duel Mode or the intense head-on Matador mode
  • Invite friends to join in the action in eight-player online multiplayer mode or four-player split-screen mode

Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine is an extreme Mario Kart type racing game as imagined by NASCAR legend Jimmie Johnson. In the game world, to fulfill the competition's "Anything with an Engine!" motto, the contestants race the most insane vehicle designs created by Jimmie’s world class crew from some of the most unlikely of everyday objects – such as tubs, coffins, lawnmowers. Each vehicle is equipped with nitro, and custom front missiles, rear mines, and hydraulic rams - the event’s signature combat mechanism. All of these devices are activated and upgraded throughout each race by showing off driving skills and winning the favor of the crowds who cheer on and cast their votes to provide power-ups to the racers. Enter Jimmie's El Cajon Arena and engage in various race and elimination-style events across progressively more challenging tracks, decked out with pyrotechnics-laden theatrical sets and strewn with wicked hazards, traps, and jumps!

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