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  LEGO City: Undercover Gift Set - Wii U
LEGO City: Undercover Gift Set - Wii U


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LEGO City: Undercover Game Gift Set - Wii U

Perfect game and accessory set. Includes the hot new Wii U game plus a protective GamePad cover in a choice of 5 colors - blue, black, white, pink, red. Personalize your Wii U and protect it.

Adventure across LEGO City

Imagination is the spark that’s been bringing your LEGO playsets to life for years. You’ve been building cars and planes for your LEGO characters, racing across the city on some daring and dangerous secret mission. And now for the first time, you can experience the same adventure on your television – just grab a disguise and follow the clues in the newLEGO City: Undercover for the Wii U, the new Wii 2 console. There’s an entire city made of LEGOS to play in, explore, and keep safe.

Classic LEGO antics in a huge city. You’ll drive through the streets as Chase McCain, a witty, street-wise detective who’s always ready for action. Just like in past LEGO games, you can interact with all sorts of objects made of everybody’s favorite building blocks. Solve a mini-puzzle, or even just smash and break almost anything to uncover endless LEGO money bricks to collect and spend.

Go undercover and save the town. But LEGO City has a problem. It’s up to you and Chase to put on your best disguise and infiltrate Rex Fury and his gang of criminals. When you’re ready for an assignment, use the Wii U’s GamePad to answer a call from police dispatch so you can get your instructions and cuff that crook. The GamePad becomes an advanced crime fighting gadget as you use features like x-ray scanning and video communication to get the edge on your perpetrator.

Smart, clean open-world exploration. And if you need to take a break and explore, just commandeer one of dozens of potential vehicles and drive through the city. Reminiscent of other popular open-world titles like Grand Theft Auto, LEGO City delivers the same expansive gameplay experience without all of the language and adult content. Combine that with LEGO’s clever dialogue and witty sense of humor, and LEGO City: Undercover is appropriate for almost any age group.


  • Biggest LEGO Game Yet: A massive city – and hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks – to explore and interact with.
  • Your Own Police Gadget: Use the GamePad to communicate with HQ, get directions for your next mission, and even scan buildings to find a hiding thief.
  • Wide, Open World: For the first time, experience a LEGO game with a completely open world. Grab a helicopter and explore the city with hardly any restrictions.
  • Fun For Anybody: Enjoy humor and dialogue that will get any age group laughing. And as always, LEGO delivers appropriate content that you will feel comfortable bringing into your home.

Wii U Protective Cover for GamePad

The must-have accessory for your gamepad in a fun blue color. This durable, silicone cover protects your Wii U gamepad from scratches and dirt. Plus the non-slip material provides a better grip - improves your gaming experience and reduces the risk of dropping it. Customize your Wii U; comes in blue, red, pink, white and black.


  • High quality silicone material that is comfortable to touch and durable
  • Protect your Wii U from everyday wear and tear
  • Easy to apply and install
  • Smooth and washable design ensures comfort and cleanliness
  • Provides protection from scratches, dirt, and grease
  • Non-slip surface is great for providing better grip to enhance gaming performance
  • Unique design allows easy access to all buttons, controls and ports without having to remove the skin

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+
Compatible with Wii U console. Not compatible with original Wii console.
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