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  Leslie Sansone: 4 Mile Power Walk (2012) (DVD)
Leslie Sansone: 4 Mile Power Walk (2012) (DVD)

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Leslie Sansone: 4 Mile Power Walk 2012 (DVD)

Don't just walk ..... POWER WALK !!! Are you ready to POWER UP your walk with something new?? Introducing Leslie's new ''Power Surges''-- little bursts of higher intensity moves that really increase your overall calorie burn! A growing body of research indicates that boosting workout intensity for just short periods of time can lead to better results. So for this 4 Mile Power Walk, Leslie incorporated these Power Surges that mesh right into her classic walking style. Walking fans who are ready for a little challenge will love the extra oomph these short surges bring to their workout. The hit song ''Dynamite'' along with other high energy sounds will motivate you through all four miles of this invigorating, high cardio session! And for those days when you don't have 4 miles of time, you have options. You can use the DVD menu to choose a Classic 2 Mile Walk or the more advanced 2 Mile Express Power option. You can't go wrong. Whichever option you choose walks you down the path to a slimmer, healthier you! Three workout options: 4 Mile Power Walk, 2 Mile Classic Walk and 2 Mile Power Express.

Leslie's newest DVD has 4 fast miles and includes interval training. The set is the newer studio that her other recent videos have been shot in -- it's nice and bright. The format is 4 total miles -- 2 are classic walks and 2 include interval training, or "power surges" as Leslie calls them. The 2 classic miles include some newer moves and are fast--the first mile comes in at just over 11 minutes including the warm up and the last mile is just over 12 minutes. The middle two miles are both just over 13 minutes and include the intervals -- each of these miles has three sets of intervals, alternating 2 minutes of slower walking and 2 minute power surges, which have higher impact moves like jogging, mini jump rope moves, twists, and mini jacks. Your heart rate stays up throughout so it feels like a good workout. On most of the miles, Leslie works with the younger group of women that have been in her recent videos. She does one of the interval miles solo. There are not too many opportunities to mix and match on this one -- you can do all 4 miles or choose to do the 2 classic miles or the 2 miles with intervals. Overall, a good aerobic workout with some new moves and new music!

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