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  Mini Body Massager
Mini Massager

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Mini Body Massager

Give yourself a reason to feel good with the hand held Three-legged Mini Massager. The Three-legged Mini Massager is an elegantly designed, hand held massage tool that can be used to provide the most pleasant and relaxing back massage at home. The knobs at each of its three points can be used in many ways to apply deep pressure to muscular trigger points. The smaller knobs provide deeper, more intense pressure. The larger knobs provide broader, gentler pressure. Use one knob at a time to press deeply into imbedded trigger points; use two knobs at a time on either side of the spine. This Massager can eliminate pain caused by poor blood circulation and stress. Arguably the most satisfying hand held massage tool available. The Muscle Pain Vibrator will make a great gift and it’s suitable for home, travel and office use. Don't miss out!


  • New and high quality
  • Lovely three-legged appearance
  • Made of high quality material
  • Ultra-compact, convenient for carrying
  • Vibration massage, increases blood circulation
  • Effectively improve chronic pain
  • Ergonomic design, fits full body
  • Use 3 x AAA batteries
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White

Package Includes

  • 1 x Mini White Handhold Plastic Health Body Massager

Extra Info

Massage Functions:
    1. Applicable conditions: It can be applied to various acute and chronic diseases, such as hypertension, hypotension, rheumatism, arthritis, omits, lumbar muscle strain, gastralgia, abdominal pain, neuralgia, and so on.
    2. It can relieve various discomforts, such as body fatigue, neurasthenia, backache, neck and shoulder pain, leg pain.
    3. Cosmetic function: It can help you lose weight by regulating the endocrine, improving the human immune system and promoting the emulsifying, resolving and metabolizing fat. It also can be used in improving postpartum abdominal relaxation and facial acne.
Restriction on Use

Massage has been widely used, but before that, a diagnosis must be done to judge if the person has relevant contraindications. Any of the following contraindications, the massage should be prohibited.

    1. People who get a skin disease or the skin is badly damaged are not suitable for massaging on the affected areas.
    2. People who get infectious diseases, such as osteomyelitis, bone tuberculosis, suppurativearthritis and erysipelas.
    3. Critically ill patients, people who have serious heart disease, liver disease, lung disease, acute abdomen and various malignant tumors.
    4. People who have an open wound, like patients in the recovery period after neurorhathy or blood vessel anastomosis surgery.
    5. People who get blood disease or have a tendency to bleed.
    6. People who cannot bear slight massage
    7. Full body massage is not recommended under conditions of excessive tiredness. Abdominal massage is not suitable for women who are pregnant.
    8. People who may have acute spinal injury without definite diagnose.

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