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  Neighborhood Games - Wii
Neighborhood Games - Wii

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Neighborhood Games - Wii

Now you can go back in time to the neighborhood of your past, where the fun never ended, in Neighborhood Games. This exciting new title from THQ Games takes the Wii's successful sports genre a step further, letting you go back to a time when you played with your friends until dark and where the fun was matched only by the thrill of competition.

Fun Twists on Classic Games
In Neighborhood Games, players get to choose between 24 classics, from the majors like football, basketball and baseball, to backyard classics such as lawn darts, horseshoes and Bocce ball. With fine-tuned controls that are easy to pick up and play, family and friends of all ages and skill levels can jump right in and start having fun right away.

Loads of Lasting Entertainment
Don't just get your game on, get a great work out as you battle against backyard bosses to decide who rules the neighborhood in single-player tournament mode. Or you can go for bragging rights by challenging your family and friends in head-to-head action with up to four players. Just remember that the game doesn't stop when your not on the remote, because half the fun is in breaking up your opponents' concentration from the sidelines and watching them as they try to play.

Not only does Neighborhood Games give you all the great games you're used to playing outside, it includes other classic fun-in-the-sun activities like Slingshots and Squirt Guns, and RC Planes and Cars. And with classic Wii-style enjoyment, everybody will laugh along as players fully customize their characters to resemble themselves, or someone totally random. But unlike the Wii sports you might be used to, these characters follow you straight into the gameplay so you get to see your avatar run, jump, shoot and play. Best of all, in Neighborhood Games you don't ever have to worry about bad weather ruining your day.

Release Date: January, 12, 2009

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