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Netflix on Wii


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Netflix on your Wii

With Netflix you can instantly stream movies and TV shows directly to your TV through your Wii Console. All you need to do is connect your Wii to an Internet connection, either via WiFi with the built-in wireless card or hardwired with a LAN Adapter. Then sign up for a Netflix account and you're set to enjoy unlimited TV episodes and movies instantly over the internet.

Wii Setup is a Breeze!

  1. Connect your Wii to the Internet
  2. Sign up for a Netflix account at
  3. Go to the Wii Shop Channel, located on the Wii Home Screen
  4. Download the Netflix Channel from the Wii Shop Channel
  5. Go to the newly downloaded Netflix Channel and enter in your Netflix account information

It's as easy as those five steps. If you'd like more detail on how to set up Netflix, view our Detailed Instructions below.

Detailed Instructions

In order to access Netflix on the Wii console, you’ll need to make sure your Wii is connected to the Internet, and you’ll also need to have a Netflix account. If you need help getting your Wii console connected to the Internet, you can check out our video, where we give step-by-step instructions; if you don’t have a Netflix account, you can go to and sign up for an account.

Once you have both of those, make sure you’re on the Wii Home Screen, and go to the Wii Shop Channel. Once the Wii Shop Channel loads, click on “Start Shopping” and then “Wii Channels.” Netflix is a very popular Channel, so it usually appears at or near the top, but you might have to scroll a little bit to find it. Click on the Netflix Channel, and choose to download it; this Channel is free, so you won’t have to pay to download it from the Wii Shop Channel. When it asks where you’d like to download the Netflix Channel, select “Wii System Memory” and then click “OK” and then “Yes”.

You’ll know that the program has started download when you see Mario being to run across the screen and collect coins. Once the download has finished, a screen will come up that says “Download successful!”; click “OK” and return to the Wii Home Screen. You’ll notice that the Netflix Channel is now on your Wii Home Screen. Click on and start the Netflix Channel. Once the Channel loads, it will ask if you are already a member. Click “Yes.”

After you enter in your Netflix account username and password, you will be given instructions to activate your account through your computer’s Web browser. Once your account is activated, you’re ready to start streaming movies through your Wii console.

Tip: To enjoy watching movies without a lag or delay, consider the Wii Lan Adapter to connect through a wired Internet connection. A wired connection provides a faster, more reliable connection than wireless for streaming movies and online gaming. View under Related Products.

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