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Dance for Fun

What's more fun than a dance party with friends, family or neighbors? There are more than 40 dancing games for the Nintendo Wii, in styles ranging from traditional to modern dance, so there's something for everyone to enjoy. Dance games are enjoyable and exciting, and most games allow up to 4 friends to dance together at the same time.

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Dance games are interactive

Dance games are about having fun and interacting with the music, choreography and your friends, not just copying some video. Unlike a video or DVD, dance games use the Wii's motion gameplay to track your moves and let players know what and how they're doing, so you actually become part of the experience. Where dance videos make dancers mimic moves, dance games let players really participate, like they're in a fun dance class.

Socialize with those around you

A Wii dance game is a great social experience where friends can come together to move and play. All dance games support multiple players and most games allow up to four players to dance together with 4 Wii Remote controllers. It's easy to talk, laugh and have a good time when everyone's involved in a dance game.

Styles for any taste

There are many different styles of music and dance available on the Wii, from modern hits to popular classics. Players can dance to music ranging from pop, hip-hop, Latin, R&B, country, rock, Broadway and everything in between. There are even games featuring popular characters from Disney and Nickelodeon.

How do I get started?

All that is needed to get started with a dance game is a Wii console with a Wii Remote and any dance game. That's it! If you'd like to have some of your friends or family play with you, simply add a few more Wii Remote controllers for multiplayer dancing.