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Nintendo Wii Console

Amazing Value
Released in Nov. 2013, Wii Mini is the latest version of the legendary Wii System; it replaces the classic Wii console which is no longer available. Wii Mini supports all games and accessories created for the classic Wii console. It's smaller with a new low price and includes bestselling Mario Kart. With the money you save add Just Dance, Wii Fit Plus & Balance Board, Super Mario, or Skylander. It supports up to 4 players and matches the classic Wii performance, graphics and sound quality; no internet, SD card or gamecube support.

Access to Huge Library of 1,400 Wii Games
Wii Mini plays all Wii games same as the classic Wii. It is compatible with popular Just Dance series, Wii Fit Plus, Skylander, New Super Mario. With 1,400 games, there is something for everyone.

Play Together
Wii Mini supports up to 4 players just like the classic Wii.

Fun for Everybody
All ages and abilities can play Wii Mini. Plus, games are easy to learn and offer multiple skill levels.

Same Controllers and Accessories
The Wii Mini console uses the same controllers and accessories. It comes with a Wii Remote Plus, the latest in motion technology. Wii remotes and accessories including the Wii Fit Balance Board are compatible with the Wii Mini.

Console is Scaled Down
The Wii Mini console is smaller than the classic Wii console. It includes one USB port instead of two. No Internet access or SD Reader.

Best Games for Families and Kids
Wii has 250-plus titles rated E that kids and families can play. And more multiplayer games and fitness games of any system. You can play them on the new Wii Mini.

The Wii Mini doesn't have a GameCube port (same as the latest classic Wii console) so you can't connect a dance mat or play older Gamecube games.