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  Nintendo Wii U Fit Bundle with Wii Fit U, Balance Board
Nintendo Wii U Bundle with Wii Fit U

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Nintendo Wii U Bundle with Wii Fit U and Nintendo Land

Wii U Fitness Fun Bundle with new Wii U deluxe console and 60+ fun activities!
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Get the latest in Nintendo Entertainment and Wii Fit U plus everything you need. A perfect combination that will have family and friends playing and interacting for hours plus up and off the couch.

Bundle includes all necessary hardware, controllers to just set up and play.

Wii U Bundle Details

  • Nintendo Wii U Game Console Black - (Deluxe 32 GB, Nov. 2012 release)
  • Wii Fit U - (50+ activities in aerobics, strength training, balance & yoga)
  • Nintendo Land - Wii U (12 family fun games)
  • 1 Wii U Game Pad Controller
  • 2 Remote Plus Controllers 3rd Party
  • 2 Nunchuks
  • Protective Sleeve for Wii Fit Board
  • Wii U GamePad Stand and Cradle (for charging)
  • Wii Sensor Bar
  • 2 AC Adapters (console, game pad)
  • HDMI AV Cable for HDTV
  • Wii U Quick Start Guide
  • 1 Year Nintendo USA Warranty
  • BONUS Coupon - 5% off your next iShopExpress order (some restrictions)

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Recommended Accessory: Remote Charge Station & Rechargeable 2 Battery Packs
Don't get stuck constantly buying batteries! Each Wii remote uses 2 AA batteries, which last about 16 hours at a cost of $1.00. The Charge Station provides the equivalent of 4,000 batteries! Buy a charge station with your bundle and save.

Wii U Features

  • Entertainment for the whole family: Wii U provides new, exciting ways to experience games and connect with your friends and family. Many titles will include support for up to five (5) players, using four Wii Remotes and the new GamePad controller.
  • Total home entertainment: Nintendo has teamed up with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and YouTube to bring a full entertainment experience to your home. Stream movies and shows to your television, control your DVR, and effortlessly browse the web on the Wii U GamePad.
  • Innovative new controller: The new GamePad controller has all of the motion control technology of the Wii Remote with a built-in screen – you can play games, video chat with friends and family, surf the internet, draw, and even change the channel on the TV.
  • Play all your favorite Wii games: Nearly every original Wii game, and all of the Wii controllers and accesories, are compatible with Wii U. You can keep and play all of your favorite Wii games, and any additional Wii Remote controllers you have already just means more players get to play with each other on Wii U.
  • Communicate in the Miiverse: Nintendo's new communication system, Miiverse, is built into all Wii consoles and allows friends and family to communicate with one another, post messages, play games and interact in a safe online environment.
  • Stunning graphics and sound: Wii U is the first Nintendo console to present games and entertainment in stunning 1080p High Definition. Using the included HDMI cable and an HD television, the whole family can experience their favorite Nintendo characters and stunning worlds in the finest picture quality available.

Wii Fit U Game and Balance Board

More features and more fitness on the Wii U

You remember the last time you went to the gym, right? It took 30 minutes and a gallon of gas just to get there and back, not to mention how much you pay them each month just to keep coming back. And let’s not even get started with the crowds – waiting for your favorite machine to open up. Exercise the way you want to, in the privacy and comfort of your own home, with new Wii Fit U. This is the sequel to Wii Fit Plus, the best Wii fitness game with millions of copies sold. Nintendo’s at-home exercise program is back with a litany of new activities and events that are sure to keep you entertained for hours. It is designed for players of all levels and ages from kids to adults and seniors, and has something for everyone with balance games, fun games, strength training, yoga and more.

You don’t even have to recreate your profile from previous Wii Fit games – just transfer your progress from your Wii console onto the new Wii U console. And with new features like the Fit Meter and off-television play, staying active has never been more convenient or accessible.

Familiar fitness with great new features. Wii Fit U features more than 20 new games to play, some combining both the Balance Board and the Wii U’s GamePad to offer an entirely new experience in your exercise routine. Work your legs as you try to jump to the sky, with the GamePad offering a first-person trampoline perspective. Tone that core while you race down a high-speed luge track. Even strengthen your arms as you sit in your favorite chair, paddling as a member of a rowing crew. And you know that your favorite Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus exercises are coming back, with refreshing yoga poses and those familiar strength exercises to help you tone up, improve your cardio, and increase your balance. And just like in Wii Fit Plus, Wii Fit U offers alternating multiplayer, so family and friends can all participate in activities.

Stay focused on having fun, not keeping track of numbers. New to Wii Fit U, you can now track your activities and the calories you burn while you’re away from Wii Fit U. Just carry around the all new Fit Meter, an advanced pedometer that will count your steps, monitor the elevation changes you travel, and then log the calories you burned into your profile just by syncing up wirelessly through the GamePad. The Wii U does everything for you - just take your Fit Meter on that morning walk with you, play a few fun exercise games, and you can feel good about a solid workout.

No need to worry if the TV is free. Remember when you couldn’t get your exercise in because somebody was using the television? Never interrupt your workout routine again with Wii Fit U’s new off-television feature. Some activities and events can be played using the GamePad’s built-in screen, so you can work in a set of lunges while watching your favorite program. The built-in screen can also be used to check personal information such as your weight, keeping your private information off of the big screen.


  • Don’t Forget a Single Calorie: The new Fit Meter can keep track of your daily activities so you don’t have to, monitoring your steps and elevation change and calculating the calories you burned while away from Wii Fit U.
  • Same Great Activities, Plus More: There are more than 20 new activities and events to try, but don’t neglect some of your favorite exercises from previous games, like yoga and strength training.
  • No Need for a Restart: You won’t have to create a whole new profile all over again. Just transfer your data from other Wii Fit games to the Wii U.
  • Reuse That Trusty Board: Wii Fit U is compatible with the Wii Balance Board, so you can use it if you already have it.
  • Brand New Perspective: The Wii U GamePad offers an all new experience to fitness, offering new ways to move and balance and a second screen for all-new perspectives.
  • Exercise with a Friend: Take turns on an activity with your friends or family. Alternate multiplayer allows multiple players to play using their Mii characters.
  • Notice: TV Hogs: You TV hogs may not ever change your ways, but it won’t stop Wii Fit U. Use the GamePad’s screen to perform some exercises without a television.
  • Fitness Multiplayer: Play with your friends by sharing the Wii Balance Board.

Nintendo Land Game – Wii U

A Nintendo Theme Park in a Game

Avg. Customer Rating: 4.5 Stars

Explore a dozen Nintendo game worlds, lovingly recreated as unique attractions within the Nintendo Land Plaza. Building on the tremendous success of Wii Sports, Nintendo Land offers the popular party game style of Wii Sports while offering a robust gaming experience when you are playing alone.

Packed with family and solo games that are simple, easy, and fun. Pick up the GamePad or a Wii Remote and get right into the action. The familiar controls and intuitive gameplay make Nintendo Land a great choice for parties with family and friends or an individual immersive gaming experience.

Enjoy the 12 unique attractions with three different styles of play

Team: One to five players work together or compete in an array of challenges.
Competitive: Two to five players compete for victory on unique play fields.
Solo: A single player tackles unique challenges that utilize the Wii U GamePad.


Team Competitive Solo

Play in familiar Nintendo worlds. Built around familiar franchises such as Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong, Nintendo Land features 12 different games built into the park as "attractions." Get up to four of your friends and play games like never before, in an immersive multiplayer style that offers a different experience for the player using the Wii U's GamePad. And just like with Wii Sports on the original Wii console, Nintendo Land's fun and engaging attractions will teach you all about the new GamePad controller.

Interact like never before. The Wii U's Miiverse offers players in Nintendo Land an opportunity to communicate and express themselves to one another. Send your friends a message or share your latest successes in a safe social environment.


  • Plenty of Rides: The theme park is sure to keep you entertained, with 12 attractions featuring familiar Nintendo franchises.
  • Room for More: Up to 5 players can enjoy the park's attractions.
  • Express Yourself: Interact with others from all around the world through your customizable Mii character.

GamePad Controller

It's Nintendo's latest game controller

Wii U GamePad

The Wii U’s GamePad is the next evolution in motion control gaming, a perfect blend of modern gaming controllers and the Wii Remote. The GamePad can be moved and shaken for accurate motion controls, yet you can also use the two analog sticks and a full complement of buttons for traditional button controls.

  • Console gaming with two screens: What really separates the GamePad from any other video game controller is the built-in 6.2-inch touch screen. For the first time in a home console, your game is not restricted by your television. The additional screen allows the Wii U to create a different experience for the GamePad user than those playing with Wii Remotes. Even maps, inventories, and additional viewpoints are found right in your hands, freeing up your television to give you the most important view – the game.
  • So much more: The GamePad is much more than just a controller. The touch screen can be used as a web browser, with web pages that can be quickly displayed back-and-forth between your controller and the television. You can even control the TV via the built-in sensor bar, adjusting the volume and turning it on and off.

Nintendo TVii

Totally integrated entertainment for your family

Nintendo TVii

All versions of the Wii U console will come packaged with Nintendo TVii, a free service that provides a way to "Find, Watch and Engage with TV, Movies and Sports." This service transforms the GamePad controller into an amazing TV remote that will control and integrate all of the video content that you watch. Video streaming services like Nulu, Netflix and Amazon Video, DVR services such as TiVo, cable and satellite television services, and even the web – all of these will come together in one convenient place to make finding and watching the content you like easier than even before.

  • Video streaming services: Nintendo TVii works seamlessly with all of the major video streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video. Use the GamePad's touch screen to quickly find a movie or TV show across all of your subscription services, and find exactly what you want to watch.
  • Complete satellite and cable control: Nintendo TVii will support all cable and dish carriers in the US and Canadan, so no matter how you get your favorite television shows, your Wii U will give you full control your Tv shows and DVR content, and even allow you to tweet reactions to live events and learn more about a show using the web.
  • Personalize your entertainment: By selecting your Mii character on the GamePad controller, you can select all of the content that has been personalized for you. Keep track of all of your favorites across all of your services, all in one place.

Other Features

Wii Remote Controller

The Wii U supports up to five players at once, with one player using the new GamePad controller and the other four players using Wii Remote controllers. The Wii Remote controller(s) included with this bundle have the latest motion technology with motion plus built-in. They are compatible with the Wii U console and the original Wii console, and allow more players to enjoy the fun of playing a game on Wii U.

The Wii U is compatible with all original Wii accessories, so any and all Wii Remote controllers, Nunchuk controllers, Wii Balance Boards, and other accessories will work with the new Wii U console.

Wii U GamePad Stand and Cradle

Included with this bundle are the Wii U GamePad Stand and Cradle, which provide simple ways to store and charge your new GamePad controller. The GamePad has a built-in rechargeable battery, and you can enjoy hours of game playing or entertainment on each charge – when the batteries are low, simple place the GamePad on the charging cradle for quick, convenient recharging.

Free one-year warranty

The Nintendo Corporation provides a FREE one-year warranty for the Nintendo Wii console. No retail or purchase receipt is necessary for this coverage. In the unlikely event the console is defective, Nintendo will replace or repair the system. Most Nintendo accessories have a 90 day warranty.

iShopExpress does not offer any express warranties. However, all the products available through our site are covered by manufacturers' warranties. For contact information for the product manufacturers, go to our Return Policy page. View Return Policy

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