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Nintendo Wii U Console Buying Guide

Nintendo Wii U Console

The successor to the revolutionary Nintendo Wii, the Wii U game console provides an incredible new way to enjoy entertainment in your home. The Wii U is a brand new system with a new touchscreen controller and a whole new experience.

Wii U again brings family and friends together. There are games for Wii U in every genre from sports to action, adventure, dance and fitness. Just like the original Wii, it is easy for anyone to pick up from young kids to seniors. Plus you can play most classic Wii games and use your Wii controllers and Wii Fit board with Wii U.

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Nintendo Wii U: At a Glance

Together. Better. Introducing... the GamePad
Together. Better.
Nintendo is sparking yet another entertainment revolution. Wii U provides new, exciting ways to experience games and connect with friends and family. It supports up to five players now.
Introducing... the GamePad
Meet the Wii U GamePad, Wii U's easy-to-use touch screen controller. Play a game on it, draw and create art or video chat with friends. Plus browse the Web, watch movies and TV shows.
Stunning Visuals with Wii U Wii U Fitness Evolved
Stunning Visuals
Wii U is the first Nintendo console to present games and entertainment in 1080p High Definition. Take in stunning worlds and detailed characters. Watch your favorite TV shows and movies in HD. Experience lush, six-channel audio.
Fitness Evolved
Wii home fitness expands with new games, Zumba World Party, Just Dance 2014 and Wii Fit U to keep your workout fun. Also Wii U is compatible with Wii Fit balance board and Wii exercise games.
Wii U Total Home Entertainment Wii U Something for Everyone
Total Home Entertainment
Plus with the free Nintendo TVii bundled into Wii U, you can use the GamePad to browse the Web; check out services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video; search channels from your own cable or satellite; and even watch recorded TiVo shows!
Something for Everyone
Once again, Nintendo has developed an intuitive and easy-to-use system, making the Wii U accessible and fun for everyone. Whether you want to get fit, sing and dance, spend time as a family, or immerse yourself in gameplay, the Wii U has it.

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