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  Wii U Deluxe Bundle with Nintendo Land and Essentials Kit + BONUS
Nintendo Wii U Essentials  Bundle

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Wii U Deluxe Starter Bundle with Essentials Kit + BONUS

Get the latest in home entertainment - And everything you need
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Perfect starter bundle for Wii U. Unforgettable new experiences plus all the essentials for your Wii U GamePad tablet. Personalize with a protective skin in a choice of 5 colors. Enjoy stunning 1080p HD Graphics. 12 engaging and cool games in Nintendo Land. Plus Nintendo TVii for complete home entertertainment and Wii U Chat. And for a limited time, get a BONUS Gift FREE - Premium Earphones!

Wii U Bundle Details

  • Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Console - Black – (Nov. 2012 release)
  • Nintendo Land – Wii U (12 fun Nintendo games)
  • All-new Wii U GamePad "Tablet" Controller
  • Options for additional Remote Controllers and Games
  • Protective Case for GamePad (choose from black, blue, pink, red, white)
  • Screen Protector for GamePad
  • 4-piece Stylus Set
  • FREE BONUS - Premium Earphones
  • Charging Cradle and Stand for GamePad
  • Stunning 1080p High-Definition Graphics
  • Free Nintendo TVii with access to tons of movies, TV shows and sports
  • Internet browsing - surf the Web on your home TV or GamePad
  • Wii U Chat - chat during games or with family and friends
  • Play Wii Games on Wii U (over 1,100 titles)
  • Wii Sensor Bar
  • 2 AC Adapters (for console, GamePad)
  • HDMI Cable
  • 1 Year Nintendo USA Warranty
  • 30-Day Return Policy

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Wii U Console Highlights

Latest in gaming and home entertainment
Wii U provides new, exciting ways to play and connect with friends and family.

Stunning HD graphics and sound
For the first time, experience full 1080p High Definition with Nintendo. Take in new game worlds plus watch your favorite movies and TV show.

Nintendo fun like never before
Experience games with your favorite brands like Mario, Zelda, Just Dance, Disney, Lego, Call of Duty, Zumba and more. Plus you can play classic Wii games on Wii U. So take advantage of 1,100 Wii titles and 250 family-friendly and fitness games.

Total home entertainment
With built-in Wi-Fi and the free Nintendo TVii, it’s easy to access tons of great entertainment — from HD movies and TV shows to live sports. Nintendo TVii makes watching TV more simple and fun by bringing together everything on the GamePad.

Innovative new GamePad controller
With an easy-to-use touch screen – it's a second view that enables new ways to play together. Be the first to experience! Plus you can play games on it, watch a movie, surf the web and video chat with far-away friends and family.

Be active the fun way
Whether you are just getting started or you want to get serious, Wii U has it. From playing sports to dance workouts and complete exercise program like Your Shape. Plus play Wii favorites like Wii Fit Plus and Zumba Fitness.

Communicate in the Miiverse: Nintendo's new communication system, Miiverse, is built into all Wii consoles and allows friends and family to communicate with one another, post messages, play games and interact in a safe online environment.


Nintendo Fun Like Never Before

Nintendo Land Game – Wii U

A Nintendo Theme Park in a Game

Avg. Customer Rating: 4.5 Stars

Explore 12 unique games
Play in 3 fun styles - with a group play on teams, have a friendly competition or play solo on the GamePad. Like Wii Sports, the games are simple, easy, and fun for all.  Pick up the GamePad or a Wii Remote Plus and get right into the action.  Nintendo Land is a great choice for both individual play and parties with family and friends of all ages. Tip: For more players, add 1-4 controllers to this bundle. View under Options.  





Play in familiar Nintendo worlds
Built around familiar characters such as Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong, Nintendo Land features 12 different games built into the park as "attractions." Get up to four of your friends and play games like never before, in a multiplayer style that offers a different experience for the player using the Wii U's GamePad. Nintendo Land's fun and engaging attractions will teach you all about the new GamePad controller.

Interact like never before
The Wii U's Miiverse offers players in Nintendo Land an opportunity to communicate and express themselves to one another. Send your friends a message or share your latest successes in a safe social environment.


  • Plenty of Rides: The theme park is sure to keep you entertained, with 12 attractions featuring familiar Nintendo franchises.
  • Room for More: Up to 5 players can enjoy the park's attractions. One player uses the GamePad and the other four use Wii Remote Plus. (Requires Remote Plus controllers or motionplus adapters. Some games use the Nunchuk as well.)
  • Express Yourself: Interact with others from all around the world through your customizable Mii character.
ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+


Wii U GamePad

Wii U GamePad

The all new Wii U GamePad controller redefines the way you play. With an easy-to-use touch screen – it's a second view into your gaming world. Point, tilt, shake, tap, swipe the Wii U GamePad to make your games spring to life.

Play together with family and friends and enjoy new experiences on the GamePad. Plus you can play games just on the GamePad .. even while someone else is watching TV, watch a movie, plus surf the web and video chat.


Nintendo TVii - Total Home Entertainment

Nintendo TVii

Plus, with built-in Wi-Fi and the free Nintendo TVii, it’s easy to access tons of great entertainment — from HD movies and TV shows to live sports. Nintendo TVii makes watching TV more simple and fun by bringing together everything into one seamless, second screen experience on the GamePad.

Nintendo TVii combines a personalized program guide, remote control, and social second screen — all in one. Plus you can engage with friends as live TV moments unfold by commenting on Miverse, Facebook and Twitter. And discover more on what your watching and deepen your sports experience with live stats and scores on the GamePad.

       Video streaming services

  • Nintendo TVii works seamlessly with all of the major video streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video. Use the GamePad's touch screen to quickly find a movie or TV show across all of your subscription services, and find exactly what you want to watch. Then, start programs directly.
  • Complete satellite and cable control: Nintendo TVii will support all cable and dish carriers in the US and Canadan, so no matter how you get your favorite television shows, your Wii U will give you full control your TV shows and DVR content, and even allow you to tweet reactions to live events and learn more about a show using the web.

Personalize your entertainment

By selecting your Mii character on the GamePad controller, you can select all of the content that has been personalized for you. Keep track of all of your favorites across all of your services, all in one place.



Free one-year warranty

The Nintendo Corporation provides a FREE one-year warranty for the Nintendo Wii console. No retail or purchase receipt is necessary for this coverage. In the unlikely event the console is defective, Nintendo will replace or repair the system. Most Nintendo accessories have a 90 day warranty.

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Nintendo Wii U Sports Family Bundle

Customer Rating: 4.5 of 5 Total Reviews: 72 Write a review

THIS is the new Wii Sports?! August 22, 2015
Reviewer: M.  
This game is AWESOME! It REALLY shows off all the capabilities of the Wii U, in some of the best ways possible. All the minigames are super fun, especially the competitive ones. Plus there is TONS of replay value for the single player attractions. I'd also like to point out that the Metroid attraction is WAY better than any actual Metroid game...Plus there are TONS of prizes to buy for your theme park with coins you earn from playing games. I can't believe this was the game that came with the Wii U (the equivalent of Wii Sports on Wii!). I can't wait to see what other great games come to Wii U!

Was this review helpful?

Amazing multiplayer experience. August 18, 2015
Reviewer: Leo Fortier  
This was the first game I played on my wii u. It is amazing. The best game, No contest, Was the metroid blast game. I'll review each game I've played so far:
Luigi's mansion: Good party game. It is terrifying. You're just walking around, When the ghost just grabs you out of the dark. *shudder*. 9/10
Mario Chase: Awesome, great for if you need to lose friends, fast. 9/10.
Zelda battle quest: Fun, Its like skyward sword, But more accurate and on rails. 9.5/10
Metroid blast: AMAZING. One player is on land and shoots at thing.The others in a spaceship. You and a friend shoot at aliens. Nuff said. 10/10
Takamaru's ninja castle: Fun. I can't say anything else. 8.5/10
Thats all the ones I've played since christmas.

Was this review helpful?

Great party game for many ages August 10, 2015
Reviewer: Claton Gardner  
My 6 year old son and I enjoy playing many of these games, and several are easy enough that mom (who doesn't play video games) or grandparents can play with and have fun! There are also some games that are tough for him, and for those my brothers and I can hop on and play for hours. Great mix for the whole family, and fun to see our Mii characters dressed up as many classic Nintendo characters!

Was this review helpful?

A lot of fun. August 9, 2015
Reviewer: David L.  
I'm not good a writing reviews, but I have to say this game is A LOT OF FUN.

A lot of people are saying it's like the Wii U's version of Wii Sports, but there's a huuuuuge difference. This game makes you want to come back and replay the minigames, and there is a good difficulty curve with the stages for each level and eventually it gets very challenging. Each minigame (with the exception of undersea dancing) is a lot of fun.

If you got the basic bundle of the Wii U, I would still recommend getting this game.

Was this review helpful?

Boys Love it! August 9, 2015
Reviewer: Sara  
This is another fun family game for wii u. The whole family can join in. I like that there are lots of mini game options.

Was this review helpful?

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