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Why Wii U is a Great Choice for Families

That's easy. Nintendo is building upon the Wii and its ability to bring the family together. They have designed the Wii U with two words in mind. Together. Better. And with the new experiences available on the Wii U, your family gaming time will be just that - better.

Wii U for Families

Gaming is social again

The Wii U system includes the revolutionary GamePad, a new touchscreen controller that introduces all-new exciting ways to play games and enjoy entertainment. And the GamePad's screen responds to a simple touch, so it's easy for anyone to use especially kids.

Using the GamePad, you can interact with the other players such as selecting a dance song for everyone. And by adding Wii remotes, up to 5 family members can join in.

You can't find games like this anywhere else

The original Wii had more family titles than any other gaming console on the market. The Wii U maintains that standard, providing families a plethora of game options that every member of the family will be able to enjoy. And the new games are more fun with a second screen, which is only found on Wii U.

Play along with your favorite Nintendo character in glorious HD, New Super Mario Bros. U or Zelda The Wind Waker HD. These popular retro game franchises are found exclusively on Nintendo systems. Enjoy games from every available genre. Dance to titles like Just Dance 2014 Kids. Swing, throw or race in ESPN Sports Connection.

Nintendo has more games that are good for kids

Wii U is a great choice for families with younger children. Nintendo has more games that are good for kids. Plus the touchscreen GamePad is easier for little fingers and offers advantages for popular world building games like Disney Infinity and Skylanders. Enjoy the catalog of over 250+ E- rated games for Wii and Wii U including classics from Lego, Disney and Nickelodeon. Set parental controls based on ESRB Ratings. And you can finally get the TV back or even your phone or tablet; the kids can play games right on the GamePad - without the TV.

Less violent game choices for kids

Nintendo has always offered high-quality games that are more appropriate for all ages. For older kids, Donkey Kong Country and Zelda are challenging, but there's no blood and gore. You never cut up aliens with a chainsaw. And you have less of the ultra-violent games like Gears of War and God of War. With Nintendo, you get more appropriate game choices and less non-appropriate choices for your family.

Get off the couch and into the game

Nobody wants their family to become a bunch of couch potatoes. Get everybody on their feet and enjoying the motionplay experience. Grab your Balance Board and stay active to Wii Fit U. Bring the kids over to your house for a dance party. Gaming is better in motion with the Wii U.

Wii U for Families

Enjoy your entertainment like never before

Wii U comes bundled with Nintendo TVii, a FREE complete entertainment service. Connect to Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon Video for the perfect family film for movie night. Watch videos on YouTube. Use the GamePad to manage profiles for family members with their favorite shows.

Stay in touch even when you're not together

The Wii U makes it easy to communicate and interact with family who live in different cities, or even different countries. Family members can use the GamePad's built-in camera and microphone to video chat. Or get into Miiverse, the safe Nintendo online community, where you can post messages or even share a picture that you've drawn.

So, what do I need to get started?

The Wii U console comes with a GamePad tablet controller and all the cables you need to connect the Wii U to your TV. Up to 5 people can play games on the Wii U. One player will use the new GamePad touchscreen controller that is bundled with the console. You'll need to make sure you have enough Wii Remote's for the other players. Plus some games require a Wii Nunchuk for each player. The Nunchuk attaches to the Remote Controller and you hold it in your hand while you play a game.

Tip:Most Wii games and accessories are compatible with the Wii U, including the Wii Remote, Remote Plus, Wii Fit Balance Board, Wii Nunchuk.

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