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Wii U for Fitness and Exercise

Wii U is the fun way to get fit! Start today, with games like Wii Fit U, Zumba World Party, and Your Shape Fitness. Plus classic Wii games like Wii Sports, Wii Fit Plus and My Fitness Coach are all compatible with Wii U. Wii U can help you reach your health goal, whether it is to get in shape or lose weight.

Wii Fit U is the successor to the revolutionary Wii Fit series which sold over 22 million. The reason is that it works - making fitness fun and accessible to all ages and levels. Wii U offers games for aerobics, low impact, toning and balance. Get customized workouts and your own personal trainer. On the Wii U, your home can continue to be your private, personal gym.

Reliable and proven fitness experience

Join millions of people and get fit the fun way on the Wii U. The critically acclaimed Wii Fit series alone has sold over 20 million copies worldwide, making home fitness fun again. Wii fitness games are proven to help increase activity and fitness when played regularly, and are endorsed by the American Heart Association and the UK Department of Health. A recent 2014 study showed 30 minutes a day playing Wii Fit helps with diabetes.

Wii U fitness is for everyone

Just like Wii Fit Plus, Wii U fitness is designed for all ages and levels. Enjoy low impact exercise such as balance, yoga and walking, all to promote good health and weight management. There are fun and addicting active mini-games as well as relaxing balance activities. Wii U - fitness games offer multiple difficulty levels, so first-time players can ease into the activities. Plus it is easy to get started with an easy touchscreen Quickstart guide.

20 new activities plus classic favorites

Wii Fit U, the newest installment in the Wii Fit series, features the best yoga, balance, strength training, aerobics and cardio exercises from Wii Fit Plus, along with 20 new activities to experience including dance. You can get started right away by transferring your profile from Wii Fit to the Wii U console.

A new, engaging fitness experience

Fitness games on the Wii U feature activities combining both the Balance Board and the Wii U's GamePad, the new controller with a built-in touch screen, to offer an entirely new experience in your exercise routine. Place the GamePad at your feet in front of the Balance Board to get an aerial view of a giant trampoline. Use the GamePad as a member of a rowing team to paddle your way to victory. The Wii U will continue to offer new, innovative ways to enjoy being active.

Keep your balance board and games

Wii U is fully compatible with fitness games, controllers and accessories for the Wii console. That means that your trusty Balance Board is coming with you, along with all of your favorite exercise games from the Wii. That's good news, because the key to any successful workout program is staying engaged and interested in the activities. Experience some of the new fitness games on Wii U, but don't hesitate to also pop in an old favorite and sweat to one of your favorite Wii active games.

Wii U for Fitness

The Fit Meter works for you

New to the Wii U, you can now track your activities and the calories you burn while you're away from the TV. Just carry around the all new Fit Meter, an advanced pedometer that will count your steps, monitor the elevation changes you travel, and then log the calories you burned into your profile just by syncing up wirelessly through the GamePad.

Even stay active when the TV is in use

Remember when you couldn't get your exercise in because somebody was using the television? Never interrupt your workout routine again with Wii U's new GamePad controller. Some activities and events can be played using the GamePad's built-in screen, so you can work in a set of lunges or a little strength training while watching your favorite TV program. The gamepad screen can also be used to check personal information such as your weight, keeping your private information off of the big screen.

So, what do I need to get started?

Wii U with Wii Fit U

Get the latest with Wii Fit U

Exclusive Wii U bundles from iShopExpress give you everything needed to get started. Choose from bundles with popular Wii Fit U, Sports games - golf, bowling, tennis or Dance workout games and more. Designed to take the guess work out of shopping.

Shop Wii U Fitness

Classic Wii with Wii Fit Plus

Get the classic Wii

Another option is to get a Wii bundle with the classic Wii Mini and Wii Fit Plus and other active games. This is an attractive option for value buyers who are looking for the benefits of exergaming at a great price.

Plus you can upgrade to Wii U in the future and keep all your games, controllers and accessories.

Shop Classic Wii Fit Plus

Wii U Fitness Features

  • Fitness for Everyone: No matter your age or fitness level, the Wii U offers an active, engaging experience for kids to seniors.
  • 20 New Activities plus Classic Favorites: Enjoy all your favorite balance, yoga, strength training, cardio and aerobics exercises, along with 20 new activities including dance moves.
  • Quick and Easy to Get Started: With the gamepad touchscreen and quick start guide, it's quick and easy to get started.
  • Keep your Wii Games and Board: Wii Fit U is compatible with the classic Wii Balance Board and Wii Remotes, so you don't have to spend more if you already have them. Plus Wii games will play all on the new Wii U console.
  • Exercise with a Friend: Take turns on an activity with your friends or family. Track up to 12 players on Wii Fit U.
  • New Fit Meter: The new Fit Meter can keep track of your daily activities so you don't have to, monitoring your steps and elevation change and calculating the calories you burned while away from the Wii U.
  • No TV? No Problem!: You TV hogs may not ever change your ways, but it won't stop fitness on the Wii U. Use the GamePad's screen to perform some exercises without a television.