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Nintendo Wii and Wii U Console - Detailed Comparison

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   Wii Console Wii U Console

Nintendo Wii


Nintendo Wii U


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 Number of Players
Up to 4

Up to 5

1,400 game titles
250+ games for kids
More multiplayer & fitness games
than any other system.
200+ games (disc and download).
Family and traditional gamer titles

Supports most Wii games

2013 Games

Just Dance 2014, Disney Infinity,
Skylander SWAP, and more

Super Mario World 3D, Zelda Wind Waker HD,
Wii U Fit, Disney Infinity, Skylander Swap, Just Dance 2014, and many more
 User Profile Families & kids, adults and seniors Families & kids, adults and seniors
Traditional game users
 Play Style
Individual or team-play games
with high replay value. Easy to use for all ages and abilities.
Multi-player game play. Up to 4 players share similar experience with a unique experience for 5th player (GamePad player)

Play games on GamePad with TV freed to watch shows. Touchscreen tablet gives easy access to young kids or older players.

480p Enhanced Definition

1080p Full High Definition  
 Price Range of Games
New releases: $30-$50
value games $20-$30

New releases: $40-$60
value games $30-$40
Internet & Movies

Access to streaming Movies and TV shows via Netflix, Amazon plus Weather, News, and YouTube

Free Nintendo TVii bundled into Wii U:
browse the Web; check out movies on Netflix, Amazon; search cable channels; & watch TiVo

Fitness/ Active Play
Wii Sports and games with moderate activity

Wide range of dance games

Popular fitness programs including Wii Fit Plus

Sports and dance games - Wii Sports Club download, Just Dance 2014 and Zumba World Party

Wii U Fit available in Nov/Dec 2013 with new games and Fit Meter

Play all Wii fitness games including Wii Fit and balance board games

 Online Community Wii Ware online games, add-ons, downloadable content and limited online multiplayer MiiVerse; Connect with video chat, message boards and text messages to share strategy, stay in touch or share

Cannot play Wii U games
Most Wii games and accessories
are supported on Wii U including
all remotes and fit balance board.
Controllers Supported
Wii Remote, Remote Plus, Nunchuk, Classic Controller, Balance Board,

GamePad Touchscreen, Pro Controller, Wii Remote or Remote Plus,  Nunchuk, Classic Controller, Balance Board,

What do you
need to play
Wii Console, game discs, remote controller for each player, nunchuk for each player (some games)
Wii U Console, game discs, remote controllers for additional players (first player uses included GamePad), nunchuk (some games)
What's in the Box?
  • Wii Console
  • Wii Sports and Sports Resort games
  • One Wii Remote Plus controller
  • One Nunchuk
  • Wii Sensor Bar
  • Standard composite cable and power cord
  • Wii U Console Deluxe (32GB)
  • One Wii U GamePad controller
  • Wii Sensor Bar
  • HDMI Cable
  • Nintendo Land game
  • Game Pad Charger & Stand
StorageInternal Hard Drive and optional external SD cardsInternal Hard Drive, optional external SD cards, and free cloud storage

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