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  Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor
Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor

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Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor

Get the most from your workouts with an Omron HR-100 Heart Rate Monitor. By giving you continual, accurate results, the HR-100 keeps you in the ideal heart rate zone for more effective, fat-burning workouts.

Why you should use an Omron Heart Rate Monitor:

Whether you are a regular walker or jogger, managing your heart rate during your workouts is a crucial component of achieving your goals.

The Omron HR-100 Heart Rate Monitor offers:
  • + Chest Transmitter: continuous, accurate readings
  • + Mounting Bracket: conveniently attach your monitor to your bike or treadmill
  • + Zone Alerts: programmable zones warn you if you're too high or too low
  • + Water Resistant: the HR-100 is water-resistant up to 98 feet
It's all about staying in the zone.

Every fitness program from weight maintenance to strength training has an optimal Heart Rate Training Zone. With an Omron Heart Rate Monitor, you can track your heart rate to ensure you stay in your optimal zone by adjusting the intensity of your workout and maximizing your success. (See the Training Zone chart below for more details)

Target Heart Rate Zones:

By exercising within your target-training zone, you'll achieve more in less time. Each zone offers different benefits. The most popular zone range is 50% to 80% of your maximum heart. This is where you achieve cardio benefits, burn fat, and become fitter. Your Omron Heart Rate Monitor is programmable so you can maintain your workout within your chosen zone. (See the chart for percentages)

+ Health Maintenance (65%-78%) Low-intensity level training. Good if you're a beginner and strengthening your cardiovascular system.

+ Aerobic Exercise (65%-85%) Increases strength and endurance. Burns calories faster and can be sustained during longer workouts.

+ Anaerobic Exercise (78%-90%) Improves speed and power. This zone builds muscle faster, but cannot be maintained for long workouts.

+ Red Line (90-100%) Maximum capacity.

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