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Wii U for Families

The Nintendo Wii - Why Wait For It?

The Wii console is a tremendous value and already has an established, proven game library. You know you'll be able to easily find dozens of titles that everyone in your family will enjoy. So why wait for the Wii U? Maybe you're already pleased with your Wii console and are anxious to try out the new system. Maybe you're an early adopter who has to have the latest technology. Either way, the Wii U is sure to be one of the most popular and innovative items in the world this Holiday season and beyond.

You've got to have the latest technology

The Wii U has impressive hardware specifications that allow it to stack up against the top consoles on the market today. It will support full 1080p High Definition and six-channel audio, so you will be able to experience Nintendo titles in a breathtaking visual and aural presentation. If this "next level" of gaming is important to you, waiting for the Wii U will make sense.

You're a Nintendo fan who wants the latest system

Maybe you're a Nintendo loyalist who has been pleased with every release from the video game pioneers. Even though there are only a dozen or so games that will be launched with the Wii U, several marquee titles look like they're destined to become classics, and maybe a few of them resonate with you already. In this case, it's probably the right decision to be among the first to own the Wii U.

You don't want obsolete technology

When the Wii console was released at the end of 2006, Clouds were only fluffy white pillows in the sky and the iPhone and Android devices didn't even exist. Technology is moving faster than at any other point in human history. The Wii U will make use of the latest technology available, and will perform better than the original Wii console in every possible category.

You're looking for an entertainment solution

The Wii U offers a full entertainment solution with varied applications for streaming video, movie and television content. The GamePad offers a touch screen built into the controller, and Nintendo has promised a unique, integrated entertainment experience in the not-too-distant future. If these features are important to you, then the Wii U is worth the wait.

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