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Rock Band - Band Kits


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Rock Band - Band Kits - Wii

Rock Band - Band Kits

Looking for a Rock Band Kit? 
At this time both Harmonix, the maker of Rock Band and Activision the maker of Guitar Hero have independently decided to discontinue the production of band kits.  Harmonix will continue to make software for the time being and leave the production of instruments to third party manufacturers.  Activision will however, no longer produce either software or instruments for the Guitar Hero title.   

What are your options?

Currently third party manufacturers such as MadCatz are producing individual instruments for Rock Band 3.  However some of these devices(the keyboard and the Mustang and Squier guitars) are not compatible with the older versions of Rock Band and none of these new third party devices are compatible with Guitar Hero or Band Hero. 

We have come up with a solution for those looking for a cost effective band kit.  We have paired up the only remaining available band kit with your favorite Rock Band and Guitar Hero titles.  The Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Super Bundle is compatible with all current versions of Guitar Hero, Band Hero, and Rock Band.  The Rock Band compatibility chart can be viewed Here! We have tested the compatibility successfully and our customers have found this to be a satisfactory workaround.  The Wii Warriors Band Kit option is available on all compatible titles under the those individual product details pages. 

These band kits are as stated being discontinued. Once the current stock is gone there will no longer be a complete band kit available for either series.  We pride ourselves on maintaining accurate inventory levels on the site. Due to high demand the product may show in stock when selecting to the cart but be out of stock when checking out.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

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