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  Skylanders Giants Starter Pack - Wii U
Skylanders Giants  - Wii U


Price: $69.99
No. of Players:       up to 2 players

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Skylanders Giants Starter Pack - Wii U Game

New Skylanders in the fight against Kaos

The powerful Giants were banished from Skylands to Earth thousands of years ago, but it’s time for you and your friends to bring them back to help Spyro and the rest of the Skylanders. In Skylanders Giants, these super-sized characters are at your command and are ready to unleash all new powers on Kaos.

Bring your toys to life in Skylanders. More than 30 of Skyland’s bravest and most ardent protectors have been banished to Earth as lifeless figurines by Kaos, the evil Portal Master. But with the Portal of Power connected to your Wii U console, you can bring them to life and back to their world. Guide your favorite Skylander through the game, gaining experience and abilities as you take the fight to Kaos and his minions. Two players can even join forces – just have your friend place their Skylander on the Portal of Power with yours and fight together, or test your meddle against one another in Battle Arenas.

Skylanders are special action figures that come to life in the game. Just take a Skylander figure, place it on the included Portal of Power (which is connected to your game console) and they will be transported to your television screen, ready and waiting for your command to fight evil. With a special chip inside each one, Skylander action figures remember their in-game experiences and upgrades as they explore the mysterious world of Skylands. And Skylanders figures work on any platform, so even if your friends don’t own a Wii U, you can still send your Skylander through their Portal of Power and onto a Xbox, Playstation or Mac/PC Skylanders Giants game.

Starter Kit Includes

  • Skylanders Giants video game
  • Portal of Power, three Skylanders figures
  • Character collector poster
  • 3 Sticker sheets with secret codes
  • 3 Trading cards


  • New Characters and Abilities: The Giants are ready to help the Skylanders defend their home. Discover new abilities and gain new powers with an increased level cap.
  • Even Better with Friends: Put two Skylanders on the Portal of Power and team up with your friend against the enemy, or pick a Battle Arena and go head-to-head against your friend to see who comes out on top.
  • A World of Discovery: There are different challenges and mini-games waiting throughout Skylands. Jump in a turret to fend off enemies, solve challenging puzzles, and find secret areas to earn cool rewards.
  • Interact Online: Each Skylander comes with a unique secret code so you can go online and hang out with your friends. Show off your collection or team up to play fun new mini-games.

Compatible with Wii U Console. Not compatible with older Wii console.
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Customer Rating: 4.5 of 5 Total Reviews: 4 Write a review

Great for kids January 2, 2014
Reviewer: M. Clark  
Skylanders Giants is the sequel to Skylanders Spyro's Adventure, and continues the gameplay from the first game. If you liked the first game, you'll probably like this one
Skylanders is a third-person action-adventure game with some role-playing (RPG) and puzzle elements. The game offers some "soft" challenges that are appropriate for young children--nothing in the game is "difficult", but there are puzzles and games of skill that will require some thinking for your kids in addition to the straight-forward action combat of the game world. As for the Wii U version of the game, it looks great and plays great. No problems. The game does not really take advantage of the gamepad screen to add features, but you can play the game itself completely on the controller, which is a great feature. Also, I already saw at least one other review complaining that this version doesn't work on the Nintendo Wii. This is the Wii U version, not the Wii version, so make sure you purchase the right version.

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Great co-op fun for kids December 26, 2013
Reviewer: J. Stephen Addcox  

I finally decided to get Skylanders and haven't regretted it at all. My five-year-old daughter and I play together all the time, and she and her younger brother enjoy playing with the figures. The game itself is enjoyable with lots of funny moments and cutscenes that offer a nice self-aware campiness--very familiar to any parent who watched 80s cartoon villains as a kid. Do be careful with the figures around much younger children; my two-year-old son did manage to accidentally rip the arm off of the figure from a different set, but it was easily reattached with some super glue--but it does indicate that more serious damage could be inflicted by a careless toddler. The only gripe I have with the Wii U version is that when you open the Wii U Home menu, the portal of power gets reset and if a Giant (Tree Rex) is on the portal, it automatically gets assigned to player 1 when the menu is closed--this is annoying if player 2 was using the Giant, because you then have to take both figures off the portal and replace them in the correct order.

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GIGANTIC fun for the family November 27, 2013
Reviewer: Oland T. Whitecotton  

I'm about 25% complete, if you factor in the expansions that I had previously bought for the original Skylanders game (keep those expansion pieces, they unlock new levels in Giants as well!) So far the levels do seem longer than the original Skylanders game, which is a huge plus in my opinion. I love the Giants and that they didn't ruin the gameplay, they made certain parts better but retained everything that made the original so great. My wife and I take turns playing with our 3yr old son (though mostly I play with him because I don't want to give up my controller!) I highly recommend this game.

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beast November 19, 2013
Reviewer: Ricky Dalton  
this is the best and everyone loves skylanders on any platform. I'm so happy it hurts a bit but I'm ok.

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