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  Super Mario Galaxy Skins for Wii Console + Remotes (Set of 3 Skins)
Super Mario Galaxy Wii Console + Wii Remote Skins

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Super Mario Galaxy Skins for Wii Console and 2 Remotes

BRAND NEW - Make an impression and personalize your Wii! These skins are high-quality decals that will transform your Wii console and two (2) Wii remotes into a scene from Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are thin, scratch resistant, and made of quality vinyl material. This personalized package includes four pieces that will cover the front, sides and top of your Wii console, and one piece each to cover the front of your Wii remotes. The decals are compatible with all versions and colors of the Wii console, as well as the original Wii Remote and Wii Remote Plus.

Product Features

  • Let's you personalize your Wii
  • High-quality vinyl construction
  • Large, vibrant artwork
  • Enough decals for a Wii console and 2 Wii Remotes
  • Does not cover vent holes
  • Scratch resistant, works with all Wii consoles, Wii Remote, and Wii Remote Plus
  • Easy to install - just four simple steps - plus easy to remove

These custom decals are simple to install – just peel the skins off and stick them onto your Wii console and remotes. The skins come pre-cut and ready, and have a non-permanent adhesive backing that won’t leave a sticky residue and can be easily removed.

iShopExpress Review

 src=The material on which the decals are printed is made of high-quality vinyl, and it will provide some scratch protection for the Wii console and Wii remotes. The images on the decal look good – the colors are vibrant and the characters look just like they do on the game. The decals have been cut properly, and match up perfectly with the console and remote; some of the pieces have some extra material which is wrapped around that particular side of the Wii console, creating a sleek and natural look. Installation is a simple four-step process: 1) wipe down the side of the Wii console or remote which will have a decal installed, 2) find the skin that belongs to that particular side of the console or controller,  src=3) peel the decal off of its white backing, and 4) place the decal, adhesive side down, onto the correlating side.

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