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  Susan Tuttle’s In Home Fitness: Chair Strength and Tone for Seniors DVD
Susan Tuttle’s:  Chair Strength for Seniors (DVD)

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Susan Tuttle’s In Home Fitness: Chair Strength and Tone for Seniors DVD

Strength training is essential to avoid muscle loss and to protect your bones and joints. This program is designed to help the older adult increase their muscle mass and stamina, develop strength, improve their balance and tone all muscle groups alternating from a standing position to a chair or while remaining seated.

Workout 1 begins with Susan standing next to the chair while Jill remains seated mimicking her movements. After the all-seated stretching you pick up hand weights and choose to either stand or remain seated. Weights are used to develop wrist and forearm strength in addition to bicep, shoulder, and triceps presses for total upper body toning. While seated on your chair you will tone the major muscle groups of your legs. Seated ab-focused exercises follow the legs. Spinal twists and contracting movements are designed to be fun while flattening your stomach.

Workout 2 continues warming up those stiff joints and improving circulation. In this section strengthening your biceps and triceps are performed while seated whereas the lower body muscle building exercise section offer the opportunity for you to stand. Then sit back down in your chair for more belly-flattening exercises. Both workouts end with seated stretches that improve flexibility and elongate muscles. Take a breath, relax and enjoy your freedom of movement.

Required Tools: Light hand weights / sturdy armless chair.

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