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Wii U for Families

Top Reasons to Buy the Classic Wii Now

If you are considering buying a Wii, you will need to decide if it makes sense to buy the original Wii or the new Wii U system. To help you make a decision, here are top reasons you may want to buy the Wii.

The Wii cost half as much as the Wii U

Who isn't looking for value these days? With the recent price drop on the Wii and the addition of 2 games with the console, the Wii is an amazing value. The console can be purchased with a controller and Wii Sports & Sports Resort for $129.99. The Wii U cost between $299 and $350, and when you factor in the price of adding controllers and games to the new console, you are looking at $450-500 which means you would save hundreds with the original Wii.

The price of the Wii U will come down

Like any electronic devices, the Wii U will come down in price. The best time cost-wise to buy a Wii U will be in 2-3 years when the price is lower and a large game library has been established. The original Wii presents that exact sort of value right now.

Your Wii games and accessories come with you

Most Wii games and accessories are compatible with Wii U, so any money you spend on Wii games, Wii remotes, accessories, the Wii Fit balance board and anything else won't be wasted. Any investment you make into your Wii game and accessory collection will be safe when you decide to upgrade to the Wii U.

Over a 1,000 games are available for the Wii

Major Wii titles such as Wii Sports and Wii Fit Plushave reached unprecedented levels of popularity, and seven Wii games have sold over 20 million copies each (by far a record for a home console). The Wii also boasts a collection of over 250 games for kids as well as the most family-friendly multi-player and fitness games of any console on the market.

The Wii console is reliable and proven

It takes several years for a video game console to mature and work out any potential kinks. Innovations like Wii Motion Plus and Apps for the Wii Home Screen made today's Wii console even better than when it was released. Over time, and thanks to customer feedback and design improvements, Nintendo consoles are creatively used to their fullest capabilities. The Wii U will get there... but the Wii is already a reliable, estalished product.

Enjoy new releases and play old favorites

More than 30 games were released for the Wii console at the end of 2012, so you can still enjoy great new titles on the Wii. Enjoy new games from your favorite franchises, including Just Dance 4, Disney Just Dance Party, Skylanders Giants, and Zumba Fitness Core.

Classic franchises such as Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, and many more have delivered critically acclaimed Wii releases, and through the Wii's Virtual Console you can download and play the classic NES, SNES and N64 games you already know and love. Nintendo will continue the trend of offering an expansive collection of titles on their new console but, as with any other new system, a limited number of games will be available when the Wii U launches.

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