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  Leslie Sansone: Walk Away the Pounds: Super Fat Burning - 3 Miles (DVD)
Walk Away the Pounds: Super Fat Burning (DVD)

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Leslie Sansone: Walk Away the Pounds: Super Fat Burning - 3 Miles (DVD)

Leslie Sansone won herself a whole new audience with the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs. These workouts are a wonderful way to get fit for people of all ages and fitness levels. This DVD features the 3-mile walk, for more advanced walkers. If you have completed her 1-mile and 2-mile Walk Away Workouts, this is your next challenge.

The moves are very simple:
- knee lifts
- kick backs
- side steps
- kicks
- and of course, walking

To create more intensity, she has you stepping out further, squatting into the moves, and using light weights. While she promotes the "Walk Away Weights" in the DVD, light hand weights (2 - 3 pounds) can be substituted, just be sure to watch your form.

A helpful meter appears along the way, to show you just far you've walked. Leslie's warm demeanor and encouragement really keep you motivated to make it to 3 miles. Leslie also "puts a little heaven into it" and asks us to "count your blessings every day."

The workout can be customized to fit your lifestyle, and that is one of it's greatest features. When you're looking to work harder, squat down, push yourself, and use the weights. On days that you're just not feeling 100%, skip the weights and still get a great cardio workout.

If you enjoy working out at home, this is a must-have workout.

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