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  Wii Party - Wii
Wii Party - Wii


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Wii Party

Nintendo’s throwing the party of the year and everybody’s invited! Social Play Wii Party is a social experience for the entire family and beyond. By focusing on interactive group play that features Mii characters as the stars, Wii Party isn’t the life of the party...YOU are! All-New Experiences Wii Party introduces several new ways to play that break the traditional party-game mold. These games change how players interact with each other by taking what’s on the TV screen and bringing the action out into the living room. From carefully passing the Wii Remote controller around like a time bomb, to searching for hidden Wii Remote controllers, these games turn Wii Party into a house party! Board Games and Beyond Wii Party features 13 unique party games that include interactive four-player board games, cooperative and competitive two-player games, familiar favorites like bingo, and over 80 mini games that feature all types of game play and motion control. With Mii characters front and center, there’s something for everyone...starring everyone!

An Electronic Game Board for the Whole Family

Most video games require players to focus their attention on a screen, but now Nintendo brings the action into the living room with Wii Party, a game that changes the way people interact with other players.

Wii Party is a family-friendly party game featuring 13 different party game modes and 70+ mini-games. Individual games are diverse in design, incorporate importable or system generated Miis, and fall into several different categories. These include: Party Games supporting 1-4 players that in some cases utilize an in-game game board, navigated with the use of Miis and dice rolls; Pair Games, supporting up to two players in co-op play; and House Party Games, which support 2-4 live players and utilize the Wii Remote to create differing dynamics between players.

Key Game Features

  • Some of the 13 different party game modes take the fun out of the TV and into the living room. Players have to interact with one another in the real world to get the results they want in the game. Examples of House Party gameplay include:
    • A take off on "Spoons", in which players place their Wii Remotes on a table. Each one emits a different animal noise. Players win the round by being the first to grab the controller that is making the sound of the animal shown on the TV.
    • Players use Wii Remote controllers to play Hide and Go Seek, where one player asks the other players to leave the room and then hides all of the controllers around the living room. When the other players return, they have to find them.
  • Wii Party features multiplayer variety. Some of the party game modes are cooperative, such as "Balance Boat." Others are competitive, such as "Board Game Island."
  • In Board Game Island mode, players help their Mii characters compete in more than 70 different mini-games:
    • Mii characters ride a rollercoaster while players try to shoot down floating balloons containing gifts.
    • Players use their Wii Remote controllers to help Mii characters navigate a virtual game of tag.
  • For multiplayer modes, additional Wii Remote controllers are required and are sold separately.

Release Date: October 3, 2010

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Customer Rating: 4.5 of 5 Total Reviews: 9 Write a review

Fun for all September 15, 2013
Reviewer: John Moulton from Portsmouth, NH United States  
The games choices are for all, some easier than others, great for beginners like me.We have a great time playing and laughing at each other playing

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Fun for a group April 12, 2013
Reviewer: Diana Wonder from Tucson, AZ  
We like it. Lots of minigames, pretty good load time, and lots of ways to play. You do not have to commit to an hour or anything, its nice that you can pick it up and play for a few minutes only if you want to. We also have all of the Mario Party games and I think this is more fun. The mini games are not re-hashed versions of Mario Party games. It is NOT an in-depth, serious game, but is great for what it is, a party game. My family and I played it a bunch (mom, dad, teen-ager) and all of us had a good time. I think that it is worth the price. It is also easy enough for anyone, making it a nice choice for all ages to play together.

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better than sports Resort April 1, 2013
Reviewer: Rodolfo Cruz "Rudy's Reviews" from Los Angeles, CA  
if you were disspointed in sports resort like i was and need another quality wii party family game. this is it.

with resort the use of motion plus made it hard for my mom and dad to play sure your graandma would have a hard time hgetting good at those games also..

however with wii party a lot of it is luck based..the board game island is tons of fun and even if you lose all the minigames you can still win. hide the wiimote is also one of the best games on the disc and you will see why when you try it.

shirt color matchup game is good for more advanced players with good memory skills... wheel of fortune type game seems like it might be fun... reminds me of the wheel part of tv show king... the other games are ok to but those are my favorites.

this is an official nintendo product.. dont buy those other cheap party games... get this.

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Family fun March 21, 2013
Reviewer: D. Edward from East Bay, CA  
I sent this to my daughter's family of five. She reports that they have so much fun with this. The games are varied so that the 13yo down to the 4yo can play and enjoy the games. They are in Montana so during all the snow they've had it gets them all off the sofa!

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Awesome Family Game March 11, 2013
Reviewer: MsDorky "MsDorky" from Trabuco Canyon, CA  
We are not hardcore gamers, we just like to play a game now and then for fun without having to beat 100 levels. This game is perfect. My 5yo daughter can "get" and play most of the mini-games without getting frustrated which earns huge points from me! We've had fun playing this game together and have likely played this one more than any other. If you've got younger kids or non-gamers, this is a great choice. If your kids are over 10 or hardcore gamers, it's likely not going to be challenging for them.

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