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  Wii Remote Controller White - Wii, Wii U (Motionplus Not Included)
Wii Remote White

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Wii Remote Controller - White for Wii and Wii U

Compatible with Nintendo Wii console and Wii U console. Made by Nintendo. Motion Plus not included.

Enemies will fall at the wave of your hand. Goals will be grasped with the reach of your arm. Sports tournaments will be won by the twist of your wrist. Your gaming destiny is clear when you're armed with the Wii Remote controller. Hyper-sensitive to recognize your slightest movements, the Remote eliminates buttons and joysticks and replaces them with the natural, fluid gestures of your body.

A controller has never been so simple to use. Integrated technology intuitively recognizes your swing, twist, swish and blow and reproduces it on the screen with unbelievable accuracy, taking your mind off the buttons and into the battle, tournament or race. When your controller no longer controls you, the reins are yours to take steer your way to success.

Product Features

  • Control the action with the natural, fluid movement of your hand, with no need for pressing buttons
  • Simple, intuitive design takes the focus away from the controlling to immerse you deeper in your game
  • Classic white design

Does not work with Wii Sports Resort, Wii Avatar, Nintendo Land, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Wii Play Motion, Red Steel 2. These games require Motion Plus technology.

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