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The innovative world of Asymmetric Gameplay

What does that mean? Please don’t run away just yet, because it’s really a fun and simple concept, and one of the most important innovations that Nintendo has made for the Wii U. All it means is that two or more players can be playing the same game with two different ways of playing or completing that game, giving a much deeper level of depth to the experience.

Changing the way you play. Trust us, you’ll understand what we mean in no time once you start playing. Remember how innovative the Wii was? Just like how Wii Sports helped teach you how to use the Wii Remote on the original console, games like Nintendo Land will help you understand how amazing asymmetric gameplay can be on the Wii U.

Some examples from Nintendo Land:

  • Four of your friends use their Wii Remotes to navigate a dark and spooky maze. They have to shine their flashlights when they feel something near, hoping to uncover an invisible ghost – you! Four-on-one isn’t fair, but you have an advantage. Your GamePad’s built-in screen lets you see the entire level without any restrictions, so you can sneak up on your friends and make them faint.
  • Take control of two guard Miis to protect a grove of candy trees, controlling one guard with the left analog stick and another with the right. Your four friends and their Wii Remotes are trying to shake the trees and eat 50 pieces of candy, so it’s up to you to tackle them and stop their sweet thievery. Your friends have to communicate and tell each other where the guards are, because they can only see a small section of the map at one time – you get a much better view.


  • The GamePad screen offers new viewpoints
  • Experience the same game differently than your friends or family
  • Up to 5 people at once can play some games