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Wii U Dance Games

Dance, sing and have fun with your friends and family on the Wii U. You still get the same great motion gameplay that made dance games so fun on the original Wii console, and all your favorite Wii dance titles will work on the Wii U. Dance games are easy to play and fun for anyone at any fitness level - kids, adults and seniors can all have fun dancing to their favorite songs. And the Wii U's GamePad adds an exciting new experience to your dance party. Take control of the moves, direct the show, and even have the words to a song displayed, all on the GamePad's built-in screen.

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Dance Game Benefits

  • Everyone Can Play: With the Wii U GamePad and 4 Wii Remotes, up to 5 people can participate.
  • Backwards Compatible: The Wii U is compatible with all your favorite Wii dance games.
  • Your Favorite Music: Dance to your favorite hit songs ranging from hot new tracks to old favorites - and download even more from the in-game stores.
  • Solo Dance and Singing: Practice a tough dance move or sing solo on the GamePad screen with the new stand-alone play feature - no television needed.

Dance Titles

Challenge friends and let loose to new songs and new choreography in Just Dance 4, the latest title in the popular dance franchise. Turn up the volume, move the couches, and shake those calories away to hits from Carly Rae Jepsen, Maroon 5 and Rihanna, or you and your dance crew can groove to some old favorites from artists like Barry White and the B-52s. Your party even has room for one more - up to five players can participate in the new Master of Ceremonies mode.

Just Dance 4
Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013

In SiNG, you become the lead performer on your living room stage. There are dozens of songs to choose from, so there will always be one to fit your taste - just pick one and sing along. And for the first time in a singing game, you're no longer forced to watch a television screen with your audience.

With the Wii U's GamePad and its built-in screen, song lyrics are displayed right in your hand, along with cues to help you direct your audience and bring a new level of interaction to your performance. You can tell you audience to clap their hands, dance along with you, and much more - the choice is yours.