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  Wii U Fitness 2 Player Bundle with 200+ Workouts, Dance and Sports
Wii U Fitness 2 Player Bundle with Wii Sports

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No. of Players:       up to 4 players

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Wii U Fitness 2 Player Bundle with 200+ Workouts, Dance and Sports

Wii Bundles Get the whole family active!
Enjoy the latest in home entertainment and fitness
Family fun like never before

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Our newest family bundle for the Wii U system with the 2013 Your Shape fitness game and all-time favorite, Wii Sports game. The latest Your Shape game, from the popular fitness franchise, is packed with workouts covering cardio, balance/yoga, dance, strength training and more. Get ready for summer fun with Wii Sports - play golf, bowling, tennis, baseball and boxing!

Fitness fun for everyone - and every level. Have your own personal trainer and design your perfect workout. Whether you want to lose weight or just play sports, this bundle can help you reach your health goals and have fun!

Enjoy the latest in fitness and family gaming with the just released Wii U console and new touchscreen GamePad controller. Get everything you need - all in one box. Supports 2 players. Easy to set up and play.

Wii U Bundle Details

  • Nintendo Wii U Game Console White – (Basic Set 8GB, Nov. 2012 release)
  • Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 Game – Wii U
  • Wii Sports (Golf, Tennis, Bowling, Baseball, Boxing)
  • Wii U GamePad Controller
  • 2 Remote Plus Controllers - 3rd Party
  • 6-piece Sports Fun Pack
  • $10 Coupon – off your next iShopExpress order of $50 or more
  • FREE Bonus Gift - your choice of gear - limited time offer
  • Wii Sensor Bar
  • 2 AC Adapters (for console, GamePad)
  • HDMI Cable
  • Wii U Quick Start Guide for easy set up
  • 1 Year Nintendo USA Warranty
  • 30-Day Return Policy
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Wii U Bonus

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Get a FREE gift with each bundle -up to $25 value. Select from gifts like the GamePad Protective Cover - a must-have accessory for your new Wii U or Massager for relaxing and stress relief.

The Latest in Gaming

Latest in gaming and home entertainment
Wii U provides new, exciting ways to play, exercise and connect with friends and family.

Stunning HD graphics and sound
For the first time, experience full 1080p High Definition with Nintendo. Take in new game worlds plus watch your favorite movies and TV show.

Family fun like never before
The best games for families and kids. Experience games with your favorite brands like Mario, Zelda, Just Dance, Disney, Lego, Call of Duty, Zumba and more. Plus you can play classic Wii games on Wii U. So take advantage of 1,100 Wii titles and 250 family-friendly and fitness games.

Total home entertainment
Stream 100,000+ movies and TV shows with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video. Use TVii, a free Wii U service, to easily find and control TV and cable programs.

Innovative new GamePad controller
With an easy-to-use touch screen – it's a second view that enables new ways to play together. Be the first to experience! Plus you can play games on it, watch a movie, use as a TV remote, surf the web and video chat with far-away friends and family.

Be active the fun way
Whether you are just getting started or you want to get serious, Wii U has it. From playing sports to dance workouts and complete exercise program like Your Shape. Plus play Wii favorites like Wii Fit Plus and Zumba Fitness.


Home Fitness Like Never Before

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 Game – Wii U

Avg. Customer Rating: 4 Stars

You can buy a gym membership, hire a personal trainer, and start a weight loss program like Jenny Craig. Or, let Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 game for Wii U help you achieve your fitness goals in the comfort and privacy of your living room.

Choose from a wide range of activities that range from fun to traditional fitness programs including Latin dance, yoga, strength training and more. There’s something for everyone, no matter your fitness level. Get your own personal trainer with customized fitness programs tailored just to you. Plus connect online with friends and the Your Shape global community.

Exercise your way with a fun and customizable experience that delivers serious results. There are more than 125 different workouts and 215 moves at your fingertips, giving you plenty of options to stretch, lift or dance your way closer to your goals. Choose you goals, workout frequency, and fitness level, and Your Shape will create custom fitness program that can last up to four weeks.

Anybody from any fitness level can establish a program and find a set of moves that fits their needs. Your fitness level will change, but your customized program is ready, using a progressive learning curve to track your progress and alter to fit you.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 for Wii U provides the fun and motivating features that can make the difference between a successful fitness plan and a failed one. If you’re sick of grinding out exercises, just access Dance Mode to shake the calories away to popular songs. If you need some extra motivation, check out the “Daily-Do’s”, or join the Your Shape community online to access motivating features and community events. With Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013, you’ll be in the shape YOU want to be in no time.

Workouts are included from Men's Health magazine (e.g. "The Ultimate Men's Health Fat-Loss Workout") and Women's Health magazine ("The Perfect Legs and Butt Workout" or "The Skinny Jeans Workout").

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 Wii U Woman

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 Wii U Kids and Dad


  • A Workout for Anyone: More than 125 workouts and 215 moves covering strength building, cardio, stretching/yoga, dance and more. There’s an exercise for anyone, no matter your fitness level. Workouts are set from 5 to 30 minutes depending on level.
  • Your Personal Trainer: Personalize your workout program and watch it evolve to fit your needs. Set fitness goals including: Just for fun, lose weight, reduce stress, improve stamina, build muscles, tone uper body and tone lower body. You can set levels from very beginner (coach potato) to advanced.
  • Private Dance Classes: Have fun while you stay active with new dance classes. Move and sweat to fun styles, including Latin, Hip-hop, African and Bollywood.
  • Get Connected: Get news feeds, online challenges, leaderboards, achievements, and friend competitions. You can check out your personal stats and status wherever you are, or participate in community events and global challenges.
  • Cutting Edge Features: Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 continues in the tradition of the franchise by offering the best-in-class workout technology including progress tracking, motivating online features, HD graphics, and beautifully animated virtual coaches.
  • Lots of Motivation: - You can earn medals and coins, plus have a daily to-do list. The coins earned can be used to "buy" things in the store including new dance songs and workouts or a new outfit.
  • Join the Calorie-Fighter Community: Connect online with friends. Get the support of a helpful fitness community with the established Your Shape Center.
  • Healthy Menus: - It’s so hard to find a delicious healthy meal these days. Let Your Shape be your nutritionist, with a database of over 150 recipes for any occasion.

Use of New Wii U GamePad

GamePad makes it much easier to set up your profile and your custom workout program. And you get feedback on the GamePad while you are working out; it lets you know how many calories you have burned. With the Zen program, use the GamePad as part of the exercise. You can also use the GamePad to view menus while in the kitchen versus having to stay by the Wii U Console.


Wii Bundles

Classic Wii Sports Game - Golf, Bowling, Tennis, Baseball and Boxing

Avg. Customer Rating: 4.5 Stars

Wii Sports Game

A Sports Party in Every Box
The best selling Wii game of all time, Wii Sports introduces a whole new way to play your game. Wii Sports offers five distinct sports experiences, each using the Wii Remote controller to provide a natural, intuitive and realistic feel. This is what video games should be: fun for everyone.

Play Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling and Boxing
Play anytime, no rain to keep anyone from a day at the court, park or course. Use the Wii remote controller to mimic the actions of swinging a racket, bat or club, roll a ball down an alley or bring the left jab.

Fun for All Ages
People of all skill levels can pick up and play any of the games, making this truly a title for everyone! To play, all you need to do is pick up a controller and get ready for the pitch, serve or that right hook. Play wth up to four players.


Leading Edge Technology

Wii U GamePad

Wii U GamePad

The Wii U’s GamePad is the next evolution in motion control gaming, a perfect blend of modern gaming controllers and the Wii Remote. The GamePad can be moved and shaken for accurate motion controls, yet you can also use the two analog sticks and a full complement of buttons for traditional button controls.

  • Console gaming with two screens: What really separates the GamePad from any other video game controller is the built-in 6.2-inch touch screen. For the first time in a home console, your game is not restricted by your television. The additional screen allows the Wii U to create a different experience for the GamePad user than those playing with Wii Remotes. Even maps, inventories, and additional viewpoints are found right in your hands, freeing up your television to give you the most important view – the game.
  • So much more: The GamePad is much more than just a controller. The touch screen can be used as a web browser, with web pages that can be quickly displayed back-and-forth between your controller and the television. You can even control the TV via the built-in sensor bar, adjusting the volume and turning it on and off.


Total Home Entertainment

Nintendo TVii

Nintendo TVii

All versions of the Wii U console include Nintendo TVii, a free service that provides new ways to "Find, Watch and Engage with TV, Movies and Sports." Nintendo TVii combines a personalized program guide, remote control, and social second screen—all in one. This service transforms the GamePad controller into an amazing TV remote that will control and integrate all of the video content that you watch. Video streaming services like Nulu, Netflix and Amazon Video, DVR services such as TiVo, cable and satellite television services, and even the web – all of these will come together in one convenient place to make finding and watching the content you like easier than even before.

       Video streaming services

  • Nintendo TVii works seamlessly with all of the major video streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video. Use the GamePad's touch screen to quickly find a movie or TV show across all of your subscription services, and find exactly what you want to watch.
  • Complete satellite and cable control: Nintendo TVii will support all cable and dish carriers in the US and Canadan, so no matter how you get your favorite television shows, your Wii U will give you full control your Tv shows and DVR content, and even allow you to tweet reactions to live events and learn more about a show using the web.

Personalize your entertainment

By selecting your Mii character on the GamePad controller, you can select all of the content that has been personalized for you. Keep track of all of your favorites across all of your services, all in one place.



More Bundle Details

Wii Remote Plus Controller

Wii U Remote Plus Controllers

The Wii U is all about playing together. Your Shape and Wii Sports games support up to four simultaneous players. Each player needs a Remote Plus controller. The GamePad controller is used to create personalize programs and for some exercises in Your Shape. This bundle includes GamePad and two (2) Remote Plus controllers.

Tip: To add more players, just select under options for bundle.<

The remote controllers and nunchuks are compatible with all Wii U and Wii games and accessories, and include the latest motion plus technology.

6-Piece Sports Fun Pack - Golf Club, Racquet, Bat

Wii U Sports Packs Get a grip - literally-  on your favorite action packed Wii Sports games

This popular accessory pack is a great way to introduce players of all ages to the Wii. Use it to play your favorite Wii sports games. Transforms your Wii Remote into a golf club, tennis racket or baseball bat that anyone can pick up and start playing. Includes golf club, tennis rackets, baseball bat.

Attach it to the Wii Remote and turn the living room into a sports venue and your friends and family into superstar athletes.  The lightweight material assures that equipment isn't a heavy burden on your arms so that you may enjoy a lengthier playing time without tiring as quickly. With this sports package, you won't even know that you are in front of a screen, but in the game itself. Includes:

  • 2 Golf Clubs
  • 2 Tennis Rackets
  • 2 Baseball Bats


Recommended Accessories

Remote Charge Station & 2 Rechargeable Battery Packs (Optional)

Wii Charge Station and 2 Rechargeable Batteries

Don't get stuck constantly buying batteries! Each Wii remote uses 2 AA batteries, which last about 16 hours at a cost of $1.00. The Charge Station provides the equivalent of 4,000 batteries! Wii Remotes eat-up AA batteries fast so this will save you money. The Charge Station comes with the charge station and 2 rechargeable battery packs for use in the Wii remote controllers. It eliminates the need to replace batteries & ensures your remotes are always ready to play. Just connect the Wii Remotes and let them sit in the station until you're ready to play.

Free one-year warranty

The Nintendo Corporation provides a FREE one-year warranty for the Nintendo Wii console. No retail or purchase receipt is necessary for this coverage. In the unlikely event the console is defective, Nintendo will replace or repair the system. Most Nintendo accessories have a 90 day warranty.

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