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Share Your Gaming Experience In The Miiverse

A Social Experience

In a remarkable new endeavor in gaming, Wii U's Miiverse merges your social world with your favorite games. The Miiverse is a social network built around sharing your gaming experience with friends, family, and the rest of the world and enjoying the games you're interested in. Miiverse lets you interact with others in real-time through the Wii Gamepad.

Mii Plaza

Centering on the Mii Plaza, other players will be displayed, allowing you to communicate via text messages or drawings you've quickly made on your Gamepad. In-game, you will also have access to these features to share tips, your struggles, or a little competitive banter.  Mii Plaza is a great place to check out feedback on games or content you are thinking about adding to your collection. 

Stay Connected

The Miiverse is also a way to stay connected outside the plaza. Your new Miiverse friends and your family will be given a friend code so you can connect with them using the video chat function your Gamepad's camera offers. Or you can share other content, including your drawings or pictures on your system.  Whether your friends and family are across the street or across the country you can bring them into your living room to share and catch up. 

Universal Access

The Miiverse will extend to the Nintendo 3DS as well as your PC and smart devices following the launch in November.  Check if your friends have beat your high score or if someone left you a message wherever you are with a device you already have.  The Miiverse is a truly unique social network experience centered around keeping gaming and entertainment a group experience.


  • Real-time text messaging, chat, and image sharing
  • Video chat via built-in Gamepad camera and microphone
  • Compete with friends and family from around the world
  • Post and track game progress, tips, hints, and accomplishments
  • Share and explore information on titles you might be interested in adding to your collection