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Wii U - Movies and TV Entertainment

Movie night. One of the most anticipated weekend activities for any family. All it takes is a few pizzas, some ice cream and toppings, and a great film. Or maybe everybody just wants to get together and watch a favorite TV show through your cable or satellite provider, or streamed through the Internet. The Wii U is the perfect entertainment hub for your own family time, giving you the ability to stream millions of hours of video content directly onto your living room television.

For those who aren't familiar, services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Video provide almost limitless access to movies and television shows. It’s not free, but for a monthly price that’s comparable to the cost of a single person going to the movie theater (depending on the service), you can enjoy your favorite entertainment in your home, instantly streamed over your Internet connection. Nintendo is partnering up with these services, along with YouTube (the web’s largest video-sharing site).

With the screen built into the Wii U's GamePad controller, entertainment is no longer restricted to just one screen. Use the GamePad’s touch screen to swipe around and find a TV show on Netflix that the family will enjoy. Before the show ends, you can use the GamePad to search for your next program – you don’t have to disrupt what everyone’s watching on the big screen. And at any time, your movie or show can be pulled from the TV and onto your GamePad screen seamlessly, so you don’t have to be interrupted if somebody needs to use the TV.

Entertainment Features

  • Access to Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Video
    • YouTube has over one billion videos you can watch
    • Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Video each have tens of thousands of movies and television shows available to you
  • Use the GamePad to find your next show without stopping what’s on the TV
  • Switch from GamePad to TV and back again, all with no interruptions
  • No need to fumble around with a bunch of remote controls – use your GamePad to control your TV