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Xbox 360 Repair & Resource Guide


Find the Console Serial Number

The Xbox 360 console serial number is located in three places:
  • On the front of the console, behind the oval USB door
  • On the back of the console, above the A/V port
  • On the System Info screen in the Xbox Dashboard (along with the console ID)

Original Xbox 360 Console Xbox 360 S Console Xbox 360 E Console
Original 360 Console Serial Number S 360 Console Serial Number E 360 Console Serial Number

Find the Kinect Sensor serial number

The Kinect Sensor serial number is located on the bottom of the sensor. The serial number is a 12-digit number printed under the barcode.

Kinect sensor
Kinect Serial Number


Determine Model Number

Model Storage Color/Appearance MSRP Release In Production
S 320 GB HDD GoW3 Branding $399.99 2011 Yes
R2-D2 Artwork $449.99 2012 Yes
MW3 Branding $399.99 2011 Yes
Halo 4 Artwork $399.99 2012 Yes
250 GB HDD Matte Black $299.99 2011 Yes
Glossy Black 2010 NO
4 GB Flash Matte Black $199.99 2010 Yes
Glossy White $299.99 2012 Yes
Elite 250 GB HDD Matte Black
Chrome disc drive
$399.99 2009 NO
120 GB HDD $299.99 2007 NO

512 MB Flash Matte White
Matte White disc drive
$199.99 2009 NO
256 MB Flash 2008 NO
256 MB unit 2007 NO

60 GB HDD Matte White
Chrome disc drive
$399.99 2008 NO
20 GB HDD 2007 NO
2005 NO
Core None Matte White
Matte White disc drive
$299.99 2005 NO


How to Take Apart an Xbox 360


User Repair Guides

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