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  Yoga - Wii
Yoga - Wii


Price: $38.99
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No. of Players:       up to 2 players

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Yoga - Wii

  • Perform a multitude of Yoga poses and get immediate feedback through the Balance Board and/or the Wii Remote
  • Follow specially targeted training schedules or get to know the Yoga philosophy with a stroll through the temple
  • Practice in four beautiful levels each with an amazing variety of exercises in varying difficulties

  • Game is compatible with the Wii Fit Balance Board, but it is not required.

    Following step-by-step instructions from a variety of in game Yoga Gurus, players will be guided through a variety of popular Yoga exercises. Players will be able to monitor their progress with a dynamic tracking system and set up a schedule to follow. The yoga guru, acting as your own personal trainer, will make suggestions to you based on your progress and computations taken from the Balance Board. The Wii Remote and Balance Board will be used for many poses to determine the player’s balance and any movements or shifts in weight by the player will be detected and recorded once the pose is complete. Yoga for Wii has three play modes – Story Mode where players start the game as a beginner and finish as a yoga guru; Training Mode where players have the opportunity to learn new poses to add to their routines; and Routine Mode, a set of consecutive yoga poses either user-created or pre-created routines. There are mini-games to test the player’s knowledge of yoga and predetermined routines created to help alleviate common ailments. Yoga for Wii is beneficial to anyone wanting to try Yoga and discover its unique way of providing strength, flexibility and endurance training while at the same time creating a powerful connection between mind and body.

    Anja Rubik

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    • A Yoga practitioner for several years, Anja uses Yoga for the Wii to stay healthy and fit. It’s perfect for her busy schedule.

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    Not as good as it looks... August 29, 2013
    Reviewer: Maria D.  
    From the description, I had high hopes for this game -- They did get the music right and the story mode is full of good information including mention of chakras. However, the graphics are terrible and you can't really explore on your own -- you have to just follow the guide around. I couldn't even figure out how to interact with anything.

    The real problem, though, is when you actually go to do a pose. The balance board and remote are only used to check your form if you are in story or training mode. Then it really only seems to check to make sure your hand is steady and your weight is evenly distributed. The game doesn't give you feedback.

    The routine section is even more disappointing. The routines are supposed to help you with different things, but they're more like random grab bags of unrelated poses with no warm up and barely any instruction. And, the instructor is a pixelated blob whose head you can barely make out let alone a complicated yoga pose.

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