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At, we are in awe of our customers and all the ways they use the Wii to positively impact their lives!

From connecting families and communities to helping people be more healthy and fit and even overcome physical challenges, the Wii is there.

Here is a sample of their comments to inspire you!

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Customer Comments

"I love my wii bundle!! I love how easy it is to use and understand. My daughter loves to play the sports games on it and I love to do my wii fit workout. My mother and sisters also use it every now and again. I am not much into the video game type games...I bought a garfield game and I have only tried it once and do not like it at all. Most of the games on it are much too difficult to figure out. Hope this helps! -Shelby"
"Wii has jump started physical fitness in this household. I love the fact that my 70 year old mother plays games with her 3 year old grandson. The Rock band game has changed the entire social structure at my house. I watch Netflix on demand. All in all the best gaming console system on the market for me. "
We have really enjoyed the Wii bundle. Had so much fun with it over the winter months. It was much easier ordering the console bundle through your web site then purchasing it through a store. Again, get fun for the entire family.
Everything was as expected. Having a lot of fun and staying in shape. Especially the bowling, with the Wii bowling ball, it makes it even more fun. Thanks for such an enjoyable time.
We love the Wii bundle because the kids are able to play together without waiting for a turn with two controllers and two of everything included we were able to enjoy playing the games together and not waiting for a turn.
I absolutely LOVE my WII bundle. My twin sister and I use it every day with the Dance Workout, bowling, tennis and other games. The Dance Workout keep us healthy and we are very excited about the pounds we dropped. The only problem we have is that we cannot add any other remotes for the workout portion (we have 4 remotes), so we just take turns working out with the one. Thank you and GREAT JOB!!!
"Every weekend night we use it - my whole family. They are so satisfied."
"MY wife and I play tennis and golf every night for our exercise. We have 3 couples that we have a bowling tourament every other weekend and we do it at someones house every other weekend also. There is nothing I do not dislike about my WII"
Was purchased for my mom and dad-in law, so that we can play games with them via the internet.
we love our wii and think we got a good deal on our bundle.
"My whole family uses it from a 10 year old to a 60 year old. We play games for family time and use the Fit Plus for exercise when unable to go out to the gem. We love having the ability to log onto the internet through the T.V. and search the web.
The only thing that we wish we could do with it is play DVD's or blue-ray disks."
Great Wii bundle, my kids love it.
I absolutly love my bundle! It's such a help when entertaining small or even large groups of people! what a blast!
The Wii console system is being used for family night in the library so people of all ages are using it. A seniors group meets for bowling and love it. It has been a great addition to the library.
It was bought for my daughter and her family for christmas. They all enjoy it kids ages are 5 & 7 my daughter 39 and sonin law 39 buying bundle is cheaper, rather than buying one at a time. my niece and nephew loves it fun games good exercise
I have a special needs 5 year old son. He is very hyperactive so I needed something to keep him busy and decided to buy the Wii.It was the best investment I ever made. The variety of games and ease of use is perfect for him. He can operate it by himself. Also he gets exercise while having fun. Definitely worth the money!
"We have the Wii sports bundle and find it to be an excellant tool to pass time as well as entertain. The graphics are great as is the ease of use and set-up."
It is only been couple of weeks and I was on vacation for a week so I didn't have enough time to use it yet, but I use it for exersize/yoga etc and I like that part. My husband and I play bowling also and I like that as well.
This Wii console bundle was perfect for my 5 year old. He loves Super Mario Brothers. So glad that was one of the games that came with it. Have tried the Wii Sports -just tennis and bowling so far. Enjoy playing those as well. You would think my 5 year old was really playing tennis the way he jumps around and swings the remote. He even works up a sweat. We gave this as a preschool graduation gift. His expression was priceless! Very pleased! Thank you.
My wife can't do a lot of exercising,this was the perfect gift! She has become more mobile since we purchased the Wii bundle. Thamk you very much! I love the wii. It was purchased as a family unit. The people who use it are 36, 9, 5, and 3 to play games. I, who am 34, bought the wii fit and use it for that. I love it. It is perfect. Games are very family based.
"The Wii bundle was purchased for me as a gift, I am 68 years old and have Arthritis, I have found that using the Wii has helped me to enjoy some of the things I did as a younger person such as: bowling, baseball, fishing, tennis, and I have also started playing some of the game videos such as Donkey Kong Country and Avatar. I really like the use of the remote to do all the activities but on some of the programs the arrows that show how to shake the remote are hard to see. It would be helpful for those of us with not so good vision if the arrows were a bright color like yellow or red. I have recently added one of the Wii Fit balance boards but have not tried it yet. I have a balance problem and the doctor suggested some exercises to help me and some of them could be done on the balance board.
Overall I am very pleased with it so far, I have recently ordered a flying program, I have been a pilot for years, but it is not finished yet."
"This was the best online purchase I think I have ever had! Shipping was quick and everything I saw online I received. I love all the extra accessories which help make playing the wii game even more enjoyable. I especially like the charger and the joystick 'gloves'. The new black wii console has the old people who know and love wii to be very curious about my new wii. I am so happy I bought this Wii bundle from WiiShopExpress!!! Thanks again!!"
WOW~~I LOVE THIS and it came with EVERYTHING!!! PRICE GREAT! FREE SHIPPING~ and it came FAST!!!!!!I AM VERY HAPPY with the whole purchase! Suzanne Myers
Everything works great.
"My grandkids received this for Christmas and enjoy using it everyday. I feel it has been instrumental in keeping their minds busy and healthy. My one grandson has ADD and this really keeps him occupied and thanks to the Wii games it has helped him tremendously work off some of that energy in a POSTIVE way without frustrating him. The Wii allows the family to share quality time and fun moments and keeps everyone occupied, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Thanks Wii for making a positive change in their lives and keeping them together as a family..........."
My whole family uses the Wii bundle, and it helps a lot because I have a big family so everyone gets a chance to play with with four Wii remote! The one thing I don't like is the black version can show up fingerprints very easily, so I have to constantly clean it whenever someone touches it. Everything else is perfect.
liked the free game .
me and my husband and group of friends that come over My son and my daughter use the wii. They love playing against each other and because we purchase the bundle everyone in our family could play at the same time. love it
Our WII is used by my 7 yo son, my 8 yo daughter and myself. The bundle was a great starter kit and a good variety of games. I would highly suggest the bundle for any starter home.
"Our new wii is great! Wii could not live without it, Except for One thing, The time zone is wrong."
I got the wii for the kid but I love playing it with my friends when they go to bed. I get to down loading the games I played when I was a little lad. very good!
I brought a red Wii Console with Super Mario Bros. for my 7 year old daughter she loves it. I am very satisfy with my Wili. wish it had Wi Sport thought every console came with wili Sport. But Im glad I got it.
"I liked the ease of playing the game
best deal anywhere on Wii bundle package could not find a better deal . no other store could bundle like this for price and acessories and rechargeable package
great price for the items we received. Eliminated the to search for extra items to add to system.
Technology at it's Finest. Amazing what you can do with it and it's soooo personal
I am very pleased with my wii bundle. I have used my wii ever since i got it.The best money i ever spent. thank you.
my daughter and my husband like to play with the Wii, everything working good
My two kids use it 4-5 times a week. We love the sports resort. we don't care to much for the medievil times game, it is not a good game. i like my kids using it because they're being active with it and not just sitting down all the time.
Love the Wii console bundle with Mario Kart. Wish it had contained 2 wheels. Overall satisfied.
"My wife, son and I use WII. We like the balance games best. I believe thoes games actually improved my sking. ken"
ohhhhhhhh i love u guys my niece and nephew very happy with Wii bundle i bought for them ... thank u ... u r the best website ever ....
i will to play games and work out and get fit
using it to help with balance.
My grandson age 5 and my 13 y/o son cant keep their hands off of it. They are glued to it everyday. My son ended the game about a week after I bought it. He was better than I was with the original, but so were his older brother and sister. LOL
great deal great store
"I use it along with my friends kids and boyfriend. We love playing all the games and it makes for great family time. Joy"
"We use it to play games, watch movies. My family use it.
I like everything about it."
they loved it and wont quit playing thank you very much
very good deal for the price. he loves it
"Bought for myself and friends. Wanted to learn it to play with my grandchildren. Get lots of exercise and the grandkids are impressed that I even know how it works!! Have a wonderful time with them playing at their house or at mine. Only thing I don't like is that I don't see them often enough--not really something you can do anything about!! Appreciated the quick service from you also. :-))"
I Love my Wii and my games
I mainly bought it for the kids, but my wife and I play it just as much as they do. The biggest thing that I like about the WII is that it makes everyone more active when playing video games, rather than just sitting there only moving your fingers. The only thing that I really don't like are the attachments for the remote, I feel that they are more awkward than they are helpful.
My kids ages 14 & 18 play with the bundle on weekends sometimes with their friends who come over the house. They get challenged with the Mario game when they are not able to proceed to the next level and have to start from the beginning. So overall it was a good purchase plus they were absolutely thrilled when they found out it was their Christmas gift last year!
I purchased it for my daughter and grandchildren. Both age groups have found many enjoyable moments, from the dance games to WII fit. the entire family enjoys the wii- makes for a wonderful family night!
"my family enjoy the bundle lokking forwod to purchasing other itemsfro wi/shop thank you"
In the first 7 months I used the WII I lovest 40 lbs. I now try to use it to keep up the loss just a pound or two at a time. I have bad balance and using the WII helps me realign myself.
"We absolutely love our wii console bundle. My grandson who is 5 yrs old really enjoys playing his games that we purchased for his age..and he especially loves it when I (grama) play with him. We get into compititions together and I let him win, most of the time.. But when grama wins he is a sore looser.. I get a real charge out of it, and it gives me alot of real exersize as the only real way to play is to really get into the action. We love the hunting and fishing games also, the kids are fastinated with the catch and colors of the fish you catch underwater, and the action involved..The animals in the hunting are lifelike, infact everytime we play cabellas hunting, my 2 yrs old grandson runs and climbs on the couch to watch the animals.. The Wii games system is the best family entertainment you could have in your glad we invested in one.. Thanks, Kathryn"
our family has grown closer
My wife and I have never really gotten into the electronics much but decided it was about time. We have really enjoyed our Wii console system since we purchased it.
"I utilize every component of my Wii bundle. I love,love,love the Wii Sports part but use the balance board, mat and wii fit program everyday. Thank you for such a fun and useful product."
We love the Wii Bundle even though I thought I had ordered the black console and controllers instead of the white, but we've made do inspite of since it was purchased as a birthday gift for my son's 11th birthday party! Received it too late to send back because of color.
This was a Christmas gift for my granddaughter, age 7 and grandson, age 5. They both loved it, and it was a perfect combination.
This was great to help me get through the winter days that were too cold or too snowy when I could not exercise outdoors. There is enough variety and challenge to keep me motivated for months on end. I like the tracking of BMI and weight to keep me on track. I wish there were more levels to the runs, bikes and step classes - they did get boring after a while with no where to go to get more challenge. I would also like to see more activities with higher METS.
I enjoyed the Wii console bundle games and i use it daily thanks keep up thr good work. LLOYD
Upon of arrival of the Wii Sports Bundle, my husband was all smiles. It was his/ours 13th Valentines Anniversary Gift. We have enjoyed all of the games. There isn't anything not to like. I am pleased to have got him this gift. Thanks, Elane
It is used for the whole family. My 3 yr old even knows how 2 use it. We love the sports games.
I use it to exercise after a day of classes and to keep in shape with help from Weight Watchers. I like the personal trainer for the Wii Fit and how you can make your own workout schedule, with the exercises and the games to help with boredom. I also like the balance board character, it sometimes makes me laugh out loud with the celebrations it has. The only thing I don't like is the monotone voice that the trainer has for every exercise, I wish there was more emotion when you've done a good job.
I am very happy with the Wii bundle..I love the games we are able to get..My husband loves the airplane games,,,I would like to know if there is an airplane controller for flying Aces"Games,My grandchildren will be visiting soon;and they are sooooo. happy, nana and papa have a lot of wii games for them to play.They range from 17yrs,to 10 months.another on the way..Thanks again guys ,I am sooo happy!!!also for getting the. RED WII,couldn't find one anywhere! but you came through.. THANKS AGAIN.....jackie
I mainly use it myself and I love it! The games are very interactive and fun. I love the online play that most games have b/c it allows me to play w/friends without having to go to each other's house. The only thing I don't like is the graphics aren't as good as other platforms and sometimes there are games on other platforms not on the wii
Ordered a Wii console bundle as a family Christmas gift for our daughter, her husband & 2 young grandson's. Easy to order & received it in just a few days! No waiting in line at a store or dealing with the frustration of out of stock items, time wasted & not getting what you want.
I really like that remote and console and game came with my Wii bundle. It was ready to play right out the box and a great price...